independent bookstore day

April 27, 2019 | Leave a comment

A montage of the many independent bookstores I know and love. Post a picture of your favorite #IndieBookstore!

El Ateneo, Buenos Aires

Eagle Harbor Book Company

Story & Song

La Palma, Spain
Liberty Bay Books
Third Place Books
Buy the Book, Nassau

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toujours notre dame

April 15, 2019 | 3 Comments

The news of the fire hit me harder than I would have imagined. The world’s most iconic cathedral destroyed by fire is a tragedy for everyone. But this place has a special place in my life. It’s part of my growing-up years, part of my blood and bone.

a favorite spot in high school

I have so many memories of this place, the vibrant neighborhood, wandering into Shakespeare & Company, the most intriguing bookstore in the world, nestled on the left bank in view of the cathedral. The whole place fed my imagination.

I have more pictures of this place than I can count, but here are a few, hastily culled from my mismanaged photo files.

Notre Dame is always the first place I visit when I return to Paris.

It’s like seeing an old friend again.

I went there to mark the end of a bad marriage…

…and to celebrate the start of a wonderful new one.

honeymoon in Paris is everything you want it to be

My sister and I went there for her birthday one year.

I’m so glad for these memories, but it was a place I always dreamed of taking my granddaughter. I won’t post pictures of the fire–those are all over the news. Wishing peace and love to all.


fascinating females

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I’m supposed to be researching #TheLostAndFoundBookshop but I am very distracted by this. Strong women make history. They sue their cheating husbands, they raid the pantry, they arm themselves and hold the garbage men at bay. And that’s only the front page.

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