Saint Patrick is my homeboy.

March 16, 2019

I love this time of year, because my Inner Irish Girl gets to come out and play. She looks out her window and sees this: ferry with rainbow

She gets to wear a sweater in the worst shade of green. She eats food in colors not found in nature, drinks beer to match and paints shamrocks on her fingernails. She bakes Skillet Irish Soda Bread, listens to music by the Young Dubliners and invites her friends over to watch Waking Ned Devine and The Commitments.

Also, my Inner Irish Girl gets to tell you about one of her favorite writers and people– Malachy McCourt. I’ve been to many writers’ conferences and sat through many a keynote speech. But there’s one talk that stands out in my mind. It was an address to a huge ballroom full of people, mostly restless, socially-awkward writers hungry to hone their craft. It was a speech about the power of story and the deep well inside the writer, the place you go to again and again, seeking those hidden springs, where everything comes from. It was the kind of talk that makes you jump up out of your seat and rush to find a quiet spot, because you can’t wait to get going on your writing. This talk was given  by Malachy McCourt.

Of all the writers I know, Malachy has the most unique and varied bio. He’s been everything, including but not limited to: bestselling writer, film actor, columnist, theater actor and the Green Party’s candidate for Governor of New York. Frank & Malachy McCourt

His wit and wisdom know no end. Read his books. Better yet, listen to his audio books. And if that doesn’t convince you, just ask your own Inner Irish Girl or Irishman. It’s no blarney.

  • Lori – thanks to the weather hereabouts, there’s always a nice chance of a rainbow. Malachy is the younger brother of Frank. They are both such terrific storytellers.

  • Susan–Wow! What a photo! Did you know that a rainbow might form there (here in the Northwest, I often see them in the same places) or was the photo completely serendipitous (sp?) ? Either way, wow.

    Madelyn–loved your explanation of your inner Irish Girl. I can see her, feel the wind, hear the pub songs. Great description. Have you been to Ireland, then, to kiss the blarney stone? Ye have a way with words, I’m thinkin’.

    Susan, is Malachy McCourt related to author Frank McCourt? The picture didn’t come through on my screen, alas. I am embarrassingly in the dark on this one. I read one of Frank M’s books and loved it (although I had to put it down for a week when both the book and my life got a bit too bleak!).

  • Hey Ginny – there you are. I lost your e-mail address but wanted to say thanks for the adorable grasshopper ornament. What a treat! You will be missed. I don’t think we’re set up for taping, but I’ll take notes.

  • Hey Susan!
    I LOVE the picture of the ferry in the rainbow! Excellent!

    Sorry I cannot get to the Field’s End conference….other obligations interfered.

    Have a great conference.

    Will you be selling tapes of Malachy’s keynote address?

    Irish blessings to you, Lassie!


  • Susan,

    Ah… I have an inner Irish Girl, too. She’s the one who makes me want to sit crosslegged on the lawn whenever I see a big patch of clover in it… you know, in the off chance that I might be lucky enough to catch hold of an elusive four leafer. She’s the one who wants to believe in fairies, and who wants time to listen for the flutter of their wings sighing amongst the delphiniums and hyacinth. She’s also the one who would be perfectly at home singing songs at the pub, even when drinking nothing stronger than tea, and who can be brought to tears by the sight of cloud dancing at the top of a tall hill. She loves to stand high atop them, looking out over the grey-blue of the distant sea, while the wind whips her hair into a frenzy of movement. For her, the world is colored in blues and greys and all manner of green, no matter where she is.


    Malachy McCourt sounds like a real charmer. Have fun trading stories with him in Maui. 🙂

  • Excuse the stupid “I LOVE” comment. My laptop has a habit of doing weird things when my thumb casts a shadow over a certain part of the finger thingy. (Since I’ve never read the instruction book, I guess I deserve these “surprises.”

  • I LOVE the picture of the rainbow over the ferry. (And also of you writing on the ferry…) Brings back memories of when I lived on Bainbridge Island and worked in Seatlle. Great job, Susan!

    I’d planned to come to Field’s End, but now can’t — family responsibilities. Have a great conference.

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