What’s on your shelf?

December 27, 2018

What fresh hell is this? What’s wrong with this picture?


Who does this? WHO DOES THIS?

According to this Buzzfeed article, 87% of us thing the practice of shelving books “spine in” is an abomination. The other 13% probably are too young to read, eh?

Here, I fixed it. Show me your books spine out! Post a photo in comments!

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  • Just wanted to let you know that on page 314 of your book map of the heart your proofreader did not catch that they were swinging to the water from a rope not a robe. LOL I think I need to proof read books for a living

  • Maybe the ones that are spine in are the books that someone has already read…it would be easier to find the ones that need to be read. It doesn’t look so great though.

  • We recently.moved and our four 5 year old gr-granddaughter did my 4 bookshelves. She had 3books spines in and 3 spines in in all the bookcases. I left them that way for awhile but finally put them all spine out. Didn’t want to ask her why she did this. She did such a great job. Thought this could have been a new trend learned in school.

  • I love books and hate that tiny little bookshops all over America can’t exist anymore because of online giants. The spines must be out so you can delight in the memory or the possibility of the title! I think turning inward is crazy, as is covering them in colored paper to match your decor. Books have personalities – let them shine. Going into a room lined with books & reading the titles gives you immediate insight into their owner. Kids who only know how to swipe a tablet & not turn a page will never cherish a book the way you do when you have sat in a lap & turned the page for the person reading it to you. Technology has taken the warmth & charm away from the delight & enjoyment of books.

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