Still working…30 years later

December 20, 2018

Working Girl with Melanie Griffith, Harrison Ford, and so many other recognizable faces. I loved everything about this movie. WHO’S WITH ME? And who is sad that we still have such a long way to go?

Melanie Griffith is Staten Island secretary Tess McGill in Working Girl.

If you haven’t seen Working Girl, you need to. Seriously.

If you’re a writer and you haven’t seen it, then you have homework to do. I learned one of the best character arc lessons in my writer’s arsenal. Want to know which one? Watch the movie and track her wardrobe and body language each time she makes the crossing on the Staten Island ferry. See? Character arc in three simple steps. Shout out to Michael Hauge for that bit of wisdom.

Let the River Run” was my anthem in the 80s. What was yours? What’s yours today?

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  • Loved this movie. I wanted to be Tess and wear tennis shoes while commuting. Just left a job that included commuting on the max into Portland. It didn’t live up to my vision. Probably was the job not the commute. Yes excellent character arc.

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