December 2018


I’m starting this year the same way I’ve started every year since I can remember–doing something I love. The trouble is, I love doing a lot of things. Being with

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What’s on your shelf?

What fresh hell is this? What’s wrong with this picture? According to this Buzzfeed article, 87% of us thing the practice of shelving books “spine in” is an abomination. The

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a Christmas memory

My grandmother was a lifelong reader who had a quirky little habit of “rating” a book she’d just read. Long before the Internet was a thing, she had a system

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Holiday Offer

Dear Federal Workers, If you’re furloughed or lose pay due to the #TrumpChristmasShutdown and you’d like a signed book from me, send your mailing address to [email protected] and I’ll send

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Still working…30 years later

Working Girl with Melanie Griffith, Harrison Ford, and so many other recognizable faces. I loved everything about this movie. WHO’S WITH ME? And who is sad that we still have

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