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Shopping tip: Meet your favorite author at your local bookstore. Shout out to all the bricks-and-mortar shops that sell our books! @EagleHarborBook @bnkitsapmall @libertybaybooks

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I’ve always had mixed feelings about autumn. On the one hand, it’s hard to say farewell to the glorious summers we enjoy here in the Pacific Northwest. On the other hand, it’s the perfect season for jeans, boots, big sweaters, apple cider, and books. Check my Instagram feed for snapshots of a glorious hike I made with my brother and sister to Snow Lake in the Cascade Mountains. My brother is a plein air artist. My sister–a teacher, and my best friend.

What am I up to this autumn? Catching up on the amazing reader feedback on Between You & Me. I’ve never had quite such a passionate reaction to a book before, and I’m a bit overwhelmed by all the notes. You’ll get a reply eventually, I promise! I’m overwhelmed and grateful to hear from readers.

Speaking of readers, please save the date for these upcoming events– Florida’s Bookmania! I’d love to meet you in person!

Besides reading and writing, I’m up to baking! These pumpkin rolls are addictive and easy enough to make with a cute child, if you happen to have one handy.

I’m putting the finishing touches on The Oysterville Sewing Circle, coming in August 2019. It’s a book that took over my life as no book ever has before, and I can’t wait for you to read it!

And I’m welcoming the re-releases of many fan favorites. I’m especially thrilled with the premium editions of The Lakeshore Chronicles. For those of you wondering if there are more Lakeshore Chronicles in the works, the answer is “not now.” But never say never. You’d better believe I have lots more adventures planned for the Bellamys of Avalon.

I get the same question about the Bella Vista Chronicles. Where’s Book 3? The good news is, there is definitely more to the story of Erik, Isabel and Tess, Jamie’s baby…but my writing schedule is full at the moment with my next stand-alone novel, A Brief History of Happiness.

I’ll leave you with this lovely postcard created by my publisher for Family Tree, which takes place in the fictional Switchback, Vermont.

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finding home

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Somewhat off topic, but I’m too excited not to share this with Seattle peeps, or anyone who would love to live in Seattle. My favorite husband has a house for sale in the nicest neighborhood in the city. Renovating this beach bungalow was a labor of love for him, and it shows. So I’m showing it off today.

Finding home is a key theme in many of my books. What makes your home special? What do you love about it?

Most important of all, where do you keep your books?

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