July 21, 2018

There’s something about a beach town. I have many favorites all over the country–all over the world, even. But Narragansett and Point Judith, Rhode Island will always belong to a special college summer I once spent there.

So it’s no coincidence that I based my fictionalized that setting for one of my most popular books–the ultimate beach read, Summer by the Sea.

Come away with me…

Rosa’s restaurant, Celesta’s-By-the-Sea, is a tribute to her deeply-missed mother. Alex is the unattainable boy, a member of the “summer people” tribe.

Recipes and romance are always a winning combination. Here’s a link to the recipes in Summer by the Sea. Cin cin, as they say in Italy!

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  • Such a wonderful story. I felt the burn of tears many times throughout. I had saved the book in my work locker & not allowed myself to take it home although many times I really wanted to. I have looked forward to any slow spells in this dark dingy basement laboratory that prides no windows or natural light of any kind so that I could indulge even if only for a few pages at a time. Each time I picked up the book I was instantly transferred to the warm bright sea side setting. I am now officially another addict of your well paced flowing but completely encapsulating writing style & simply can not wait to read all of your works!

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