dress like your summer beach read :: and other nonsense

June 15, 2018

I don’t know about you, but I usually just use my beach book to screen my face from the sun while I read.

If you were to dress like your book, what would you be wearing?

Now this article suggests we use books as shopping guides for cute clothes. Like a $500 ruffled sundress inspired by the very excellent You Me Everything by Catherine Isaac, for instance.

If your summer  beach read is Between You & Me (and it should be; it’s by my favorite author and she did a really good job), your outfit might look like this:

Image result for doctor medical scrubs jacket

Fun fact–If your doc is wearing a short lab coat, she’s probably a medical student. The attendings are the ones in the longer coats.

Or this, for your man–who by the way should also read beach books:

Image result for farmer jeans

I know, right? He really doesn’t have time for the beach.

And for the Amish teenager in your life, especially if she’s got something to hide.

Image result for amish teenager

Or the little boy who steals your heart:

Image result for amish boy

[spoiler alert–his left arm…]

Okay, I’ll stop. But I would love to know–if you were to dress like the book you’re reading, what would your outfit look like?


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