March 23, 2018

Joy and sorrow are like sunshine and shadow. The very first book in the Lakeshore Chronicles series is Summer at Willow Lake, which became an instant bestseller when it was first published. Today only, you can grab an e-copy for just $1.99. It’s one of those “gateway drug” books that set off ten more, which is so gratifying because of the couple that inspired it:

My parents. Here they are in 1954. The hope and joy in this picture lasted for decades–nearly seven of them. They inspired the inciting incident in the book, and the dedication belongs to them forever.

Sadly, my beloved dad passed away in 2015. But he lived and loved with his whole heart, and we are all the richer for having known him.

He was so proud of my books. Making dad proud is one of the most gratifying feelings in life.

Here’s to Willow Lake then:

Image result for "summer at willow lake"

and now:

Happy reading!


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  • I happened on that book by accident…the rest of your books I searched for! Your mom and dad’s loving relationship must have helped you write your amazing books! I have re-read Lakeshore Chronicles 3 tines and I know I will read them again!

  • How wonderful that your parents had so many wonderful years together. They were a cute couple. And your Mom is a doll.

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