March 14, 2018

Yes, I’m screaming. There’s something uniquely thrilling about seeing the cover of your book for the first time. It’s the first concrete image a writer gets based on the novel she’s spent months and months creating.

As a writer, I tend to think in words and paragraphs rather than images. So when I finally get a glimpse of the visuals, I get goosebumps. Now, without further ado, here is Between You & Me, coming from William Morrow Books on June 26.

Available for pre-order now!

The publishing team at William Morrow is adding to the fun by offering a one-day-only pre-order ebook price promotion. TODAY ONLY (March 14), you can order the book for your e-reader for just $4.99.

And we also have something for fans of print books–a signed first edition from my hometown bookstore, Eagle Harbor Books. Locally owned and community spirited, this Bainbridge Island landmark would love to send you a copy the moment it’s published.

There is a special place in heaven for readers who pre-order books, either from bookstores, online, or from the public library. It lets the writer and publisher know you’re out there, you’re craving a terrific read, and you’re ready to be entertained!

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