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January 25, 2018 | 1 Comment

What’s better than getting your novel published? Getting it published ALL OVER THE WORLD. It is ridiculously thrilling to see my books in translation–the cover art, the title interpretation, sometimes even different character names. Here are some of the latest. Which of these languages can you decipher?

Willow Lake is lovely in any language, if you ask me.

When I get copies of my books in translation, I try to remember to save them to my Pinterest collection. And then I mail them off to libraries that need them for their collections.

If you know of a library in the US that can use foreign language books, send me the mailing address (US only, sorry), the name of the foreign language collection specialist or librarian, and I’ll donate books to them.

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to whom it may concern

January 19, 2018 | 6 Comments


This is to inform you that we have gone fully native.


meet Nala and Mowgli

Jerry is heretofore known as Mowgli and I am Nala. My face-recognizing computer no longer recognizes me.

We have worn nothing but sand on our feet for weeks. We may or may not have stopped wearing undies. This can neither be confirmed nor denied.

We now subsist on a diet of coconut, passion fruit, mangos and sticky rice.

We’ve made the painful decision to sever all ties with cold, dark, wet winters. Instead, we will tough it out here in what certain ignorant people term a shithole country, sleeping in hammocks, swimming with the fishes, and conversing with the talking birds.


Hope that’s okay with you.

Wish you were here. Glad we’re not there.

Mowgli and Nala

calling all book clubs

January 09, 2018 | 1 Comment

Dear Friends,
If you’ve seen the photos on social media, you already know that in the dead of winter, I’ve found summer.
I’m celebrating the new year in Australia with my family. And by “family,” I mean twenty-seven of us occupying every square inch of house and patio at my sister’s hacienda in gorgeous Glasshouse Mountains in Queensland. We all thought we were gathering for a lovely party to celebrate the engagement of my nephew…but instead, a surprise awaited us. Instead of an engagement, we found ourselves at a surprise wedding! The party turned into the most insanely fun wedding reception you can imagine. We aren’t smooth, we aren’t fashionable, but we know how to party.
My contribution to the event was a spontaneous “signature cocktail” for the bride.
Linda’s Lychee Royale
1 lychee berry, peeled
1 glass of prosecco or champagne
1 splash of frangelico liqueur (optional)
And because a picture of a happy bride makes any day better, here’s my new niece, Linda:

For me, it was one of life’s constant reminders of the strength and inspiration we draw from family. It also reminded me of my inspiration for FAMILY TREE.
I’m thrilled to announce a special new edition of my novel on January 9. This book-club-friendly edition features a reading group guide and a special, very personal message from me. I hope you enjoy it.
Save the Date! Please check out the events link on my web site for information about my author appearances in 2018. You’ll find me in Bainbridge Island, Denver, Milwaukee, Utah, and on the high seas. If you’re a knitter, a book lover, and an adventurer, do not miss the Seattle-Bainbridge Island getaway next July!
Happy New Year and good reading to all! However you celebrate, and with whomever you celebrate, enjoy every moment of every day.
Susan Wiggs
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