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November 05, 2016

Anyone remember The Velveteen Rabbit? It has a subtitle: Or, How Toys Become Real.
SPOILER ALERT: Toys become real when a child loves them without question.

Which is my round-about way of describing one of the most exciting moments for a writer–that moment when her books become "real" to readers.

I love it when I get a note or message from a reader asking about future books. While writing, the characters and their situations feel very real to me, and it’s lovely to know a reader cares enough to wonder about the people in my books.

The big dilemma for me is that I get a lot of questions about this. I wish I could reply to each one individually, but that means taking time away from writing, which is my job, so I have to focus on that before everything else. So here in this post is my all-purpose explanation to questions about Bella Vista, Lakeshore, and recipes–by far my most frequently-asked questions!

What’s next for the Bella Vista Chronicles?
Readers of The Apple Orchard and The Beekeeper’s Ball know there’s more to the story. Even though the books are meant to be read and enjoyed in any order, sharp-eyed fans noticed that there is an intriguing question about Erik Johansen. Is he gone for good, or did he disappear again? And what about that baby?
Short answer: YES. There is more to the story. There’s enough to write a third novel in this lush, romantic setting.
Long answer: The book isn’t written yet. Thanks to the vagaries of the publishing world, my books are being released by a new publisher. And my current contract with HarperCollins is for stand-alone novels unrelated to Bella Vista or Lakeshore. But that doesn’t mean we’ll never get that third Bella Vista novel! I just can’t say when. Watch this space for announcements.
But here’s a bit of good news–The Apple Orchard is going to be a movie!

What’s next in the Lakeshore Chronicles?
Fans of the Bellamy family and Willow Lake–that oh-so-nostalgic setting–know the drama never ends in the charming Catskills town of Avalon. Even after eleven-and-a-half books in the series, there are more stories to tell.
But as I said above, my current contract with HarperCollins is for stand-alone novels. But that doesn’t mean we’ll never get more Lakeshore Chronicles. I still dream about Ivy and Adam and Suzanne and Max (after he’s grown) and a whole new generation of Bellamys. So again, watch this space for announcements, or join me on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, Instagram, or Pinterest.

Where can I find the recipes featured in your books?
Most of them are right here on my site! Yay for my web designer! Also, I collect other recipes on my Pinterest board. Check out The Key Ingredient, The Sky River Bakery, and The Bella Vista Culinary School.

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  • Congrats on the apple orchard movie! I can’t wait to watch. I will also be anxiously awaiting the third
    bella vista book!

  • Love your stories! My only issue is Logan drinking later on in the series when he meets his wife. It diminished the seriousness of being an alcoholic

  • Love your stories. My only issue is Logan drinking later on in the series when he meets his wife. It diminished the seriousness of being an alcoholic

  • Love your stories. My only issue is Logan drinking later on in the series when he meets his wife. It diminished the seriousness of being an alcoholic

  • So waiting on the 3rd Bella Vista. HAVE to find out Erik’s story. Where is he & why? Will be reading the Lake Shore books while I wait.

  • I am re-reading The Apple Orchard and The Beekeeper’s Ball–sooo love this series–please write more and let me know when I can get them.

  • Love love love your books… but like so many of your ardent fans.. I’m patiently waiting for book 3 in your Belle Vista chronicles…you make the characters so alive.. Hope you resolve problems with your publisher… I’ll keep waiting .. please keep writing! We love you!

  • Have listened to the Bella Vista Chronicles several times and so want to jump into a third story. What can we do as readers/listeners to get your publisher on board?!

  • Impatiently waiting for Bella Vista Chronicles book 3! Loved reading the stories of Tess and Isabel. I can’t wait for the rest of the story. <3

  • Was hoping to find the third book in the Bella Vista series. Will it be released Soon? Have grown to love the characters. Love your books.

  • Was hoping to find the third book in the Bella Vista series. Will it be released Soon? Have grown to love the characters. Love your books.

  • Found the apple orchid in the library. Read it and knew I was in love with the story and author. Just finished the beekeepers ball and can’t wait to find out about Eric and the baby. How will I know when your next novel is out? Please don’t leave us hanging,! Thank you so much for enhancing my life through books

    • I too am looking for #3 in the Bella Vista chronicles. Can’t wait for Isabel & Mac to look into finding Erik in Tangiers. Hope your editors realize how much your readers want more and also more of Lakeshore Chronicles

  • I just finished reading book one and two of the Bella Vista series and started looking for book 3. I was so disappointed that the series ends after only two books leaving us in limbo. I hope that your new publisher will find a way for you to complete this series. I am also a big fan of the Lakeshore Chronicles.

    • I have also been patiently waiting for book 3 of Bella Vista series. I read books 1 and 2 as soon as they came out., so you know how long I have been waiting for a book 3. I hate being left hanging. There’s so many good plot options that I can think of and I am not a writer. Please don’t keep your fans waiting too

  • Love your books. So glad they are being made into movies. Still hoping for a third novel in the Bella Vista Chronicles. Just can’t leave us hanging. Perhaps a third movie.

  • Can’t wait for the the third book of the Bella Vista series! Hope the publisher issues can be settled!! Love your books!!

  • Feel blessed to have found your books…started with historical novels then Lakeshore chronically…on to Bell Vista…and just finished Family Tree. The characters feel like family…and we always want to know more…keep writing and I will keep reading…

  • Love all your books and am happy that the apple orchard and the bee keepers ball will be made into movies. However…I used to love hallmark movies until they started to recycle actors and actresses every season. Also. I wonder where they find these actors because more than half of them are so unsuited for their rolls. Please don’t let them ruin your books with their usual poor casting. Just take a look at the casting for the new series, Chesapeake. Those actors are so plastic that I can’t even watch the show. I loved your books. Please don’t let hallmark ruin them!

  • I just finished Family Tree. I liked it a lot. Can,t wait for more bella vista & Lakeshore Chronicles. Have read them all. will watch for the Apple Orchard movie keep writing !!!

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