Ten Years at Willow Lake

October 21, 2016

It’s the 10-year anniversary of Summer at Willow Lake, which was the first book in the Lakeshore Chronicles series. It’s just been reissued in a special trade paperback edition.

I love this cover. I especially love the "Camp Kioga" logo on the paddle. I totally made up the name and even made up the story behind it, just because that’s what summer camp is all about–getting away from the real world into a world of make believe, a world where anything can happen.

(An aside–while traveling in the "real world," I did come across a scene that could be right out of Willow Lake. (It’s a canal in Holland, though.)

The Lakeshore Chronicles are a joy to write. Sometimes the town of Avalon, Willow Lake, and all the Bellamy family seem as real to me as my own friends and family.

Are there more books to come? Gosh, I hope so! I currently have commitments to write other books, but we’ll see what the future holds. Here’s a list of the first eleven titles. Enjoy!

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