The Fix Is In: Two Writers Have Found the Ultimate Cure for the Winter Doldrums

October 28, 2016 | 1 Comment

Where do writers go to recharge, relax, read…and get going on the next novel? World-renowned mystery author Elizabeth George and bestselling novelist Susan Wiggs tackled this topic, and the solution might surprise you.

The authors and longtime friends both agree–connecting with readers is the lifeblood of creativity. “One of the magical things about a book is that for each reader, it’s a different experience,” says Susan Wiggs. “She brings her own taste and sensibilities to the novel, so even though I wrote it, she saw the story through different eyes.”

“The act of reading is profoundly creative,” Elizabeth George points out. “The bond between the reader and the writer is a powerful force.”

Now Ms. George and Ms. Wiggs have come up with a way to take the concept to the next level– by connecting with readers on a Caribbean cruise. In March, the sloppy tail-end of winter, the authors will be hosting a book club at sea.

“This is not your grandmother’s Caribbean cruise,” Wiggs emphasizes. “The unfortunate thing is, when most people think of cruises, they picture cheesy lounge music, overstuffed buffets, lines of newlyweds and nearly-deads…”

“They’re not looking in the right places,” George adds. “We’ve found the ship–and the on-board experience–that will be the perfect fit for readers. It’s not a regular cruise, but eleven days of floating debauchery in the middle of winter. ”

According to the authors and the event organizers, this cruise really is something different. The cruise line is Silver Sea, which means every room is a suite, and every suite comes with its own butler. There’s an open bar, and all-inclusive really means all-inclusive–drinks, wifi, tips, special excursions and private events with the authors. Each reader who books through Vacations By Design will receive a special edition of the authors’ latest novels to read and discuss with fellow travelers.

“Being on board together opens up lots of opportunities for great conversation, fun events like literary trivia and movie night, a special shore excursion, and themed cocktail and dinner parties,” says Elizabeth George. “It’ll be an eleven-day book party. In perfect Caribbean weather.”

Arie Boris, editor-in-chief of Cruise Gourmet Magazine, has had a long career creating unique and memorable travel experiences. He’s designed cruises featuring musicians, chefs, wine enthusiasts, and celebrities–but this is his first cruise for readers and writers. “I’m amazed at the reception we’ve had so far,” he says. “It’s very gratifying to find people who are so passionate about books and authors.”

“We plan to celebrate readers,” Wiggs promises. “Not only those studying serious literature for the ages, but folks who love to curl up with a book of any genre. Trust me, we won’t treat you the way Flaubert did Madame Bovary, who cured her ‘addiction’ to romance novels by committing suicide.”

“Yeah, who does that?” asks George. “We’ll treat you right.”

“You should really join us,” Wiggs says. “Because, butlers.”

The scott or phone 800-828-4813 extension 1003.

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cheap reads

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I’m on sale this week! The digital edition of FAMILY TREE is just $2.99, ten bucks off the regular price. Snuggle up with your favorite e-reader.

Family Tree by Susan WiggsFamily Tree
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“This is Susan Wiggs at her best” (Debbie Macomber). When Annie Harlow wakes from a yearlong coma, she returns to her family’s home in Vermont — where she must solve an old mystery with the help of her grandmother’s cookbook. From a #1 New York Times bestselling author!


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Ten Years at Willow Lake

October 21, 2016 | 9 Comments

It’s the 10-year anniversary of Summer at Willow Lake, which was the first book in the Lakeshore Chronicles series. It’s just been reissued in a special trade paperback edition.

I love this cover. I especially love the "Camp Kioga" logo on the paddle. I totally made up the name and even made up the story behind it, just because that’s what summer camp is all about–getting away from the real world into a world of make believe, a world where anything can happen.

(An aside–while traveling in the "real world," I did come across a scene that could be right out of Willow Lake. (It’s a canal in Holland, though.)

The Lakeshore Chronicles are a joy to write. Sometimes the town of Avalon, Willow Lake, and all the Bellamy family seem as real to me as my own friends and family.

Are there more books to come? Gosh, I hope so! I currently have commitments to write other books, but we’ll see what the future holds. Here’s a list of the first eleven titles. Enjoy!

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