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May 22, 2016

Confession–series books are like crack to me. No, like potato chips. You start with one, and end up consuming the whole bag!

Reading is more healthy than chips. Just saying. The good news in my world is that there’s a “First In Series” promotion going on over at B&N. Someone over there is determined to get their hooks into us, and get us going on another series of books!

There is a writer’s backstory behind the Chicago Fire Trilogy. (Feel free to skip this if you think knowing how a book gets written is like knowing how sausage is made.) I had a deadline challenge–writing 3 books in a very short time span.

The Hostage by Susan Wiggs. This is the original step back art. I've always liked the map in the background, showing the location of Isle Royale.:

(Seriously? Making out while the city burns? Well, why not?)

With time being so short, I didn’t have time to research three different historical settings, so I decided to have all three books take place in the same city on the same night. Four young ladies, all at the same party, who scatter in four directions as the first swept through the city. Thank goodness for this organization, which was a treasure trove of primary source material.

I even wrote the same scene in each book, but from different perspectives. If you read the trilogy–and you should, because the e-book is so stinkin’ cheap–see if you can spot it.

Oh, and there IS a fourth book in the series, starring Phoebe Palmer. I haven’t written it yet, but it’s on my back burner, so to speak.

So there you have it. What’s your favorite series? Chime in below! Summer is coming, and I need suggestions!

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