Calling all book clubs :: Let me send you a review copy

April 25, 2015

So my awesome publisher has produced a nice glossy advance-reading-copy edition of STARLIGHT ON WILLOW LAKE.

Trust me on this.
Lakeshore Chronicles #11, but you don’t have to be familiar with the series to fall in love with this one.

I know all writers will tell you “this book has a special place in my heart,” but this one REALLY does. After you read the dedication page in the front and the acknowledgment page in the back you’ll know why.

It’s a good book club topic. The storyline deals with with tragedy, a person’s role in caring for a parent, and how exploring the past can lead to a whole new perspective on life. Just as bonus, there are dogs, comedy, Balinese cooking, a few cuss words. and love scenes that will curl your toes but not offend your mother. Swear.

You know what’s missing? A reading group guide. I’d love your help with this. What’s the most thought-provoking topic your group has every discussed?

I have 15 copies of the ARC (pub-speak for “advance reading copy”) to give away. Here’s how to enter. Send the name of your book group, along with a contact person and mailing address, to susanmwiggs (at) gmail dot com, and fifteen winners will be chosen at random on May 1. You’ll receive the ARC along with some other goodies for readers to enjoy long before the book gets published.

Sound good?

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  • I love this series. Don’t have s book club but have lots of customers that read and we discuss different books. We all love your books and this series is wonderful. I am SO glad it isn’t done.

  • Not part of a book club but would love to read this now! Will have to wait for the release….thank you for continuing this series which I love!

  • Our book club is made up of 5 members. We are all teachers that get together once a month to discuss “fun” books and leave all our worries about of students behind! We would love to have an advance copy, this would be a great discussion for May and June!

  • My book club if a few of my close friends. We share books that we have read and liked.I would love to receive,”Starlight on Willow Lake,” and share it with them.

  • I would love to get a copy for my grandmother and her friends. There’s a group of them, they don’t get out of the house much, so the books are passed along, but they read a book in just a day or two because they are home bound. Thank you for your consideration. Judie

  • Would love a copy to share with my mother and her friends! They are all in their mid 80’s! They still love to read and share books! Thx for considering! Please send to 127 Doewood Lane, Rochester, NY 14606

  • I belong to the Orangevale branch of the Sacramento County Library. Each branch has its own monthly book club and the books are circulated around. I love this series and constantly talk about your writing. I would love to share you to Sacramento, California

  • I would love to read. My book club has 9 members so if too msny we could share. We have been together for 18 years and were the first featured book club in Woman’s Day in June 2014.

  • I started a book club about 6 wks. ago. The name of it is Friends Through The Pages. It is comprised of 10 women aged 25 – 30. I have read all the Willow Book books and would love to share Starlight at Willow Lake with them. Thanks for this opportunity.

  • I would love to share this new book with my sisters in our Beta Sigma Phi, International chapter We love to share books and discuss them at our monthly meetings and other our social gatherings as well. I have read all of your Willow Lake books and look forward to reading and sharing Starlight on Willow Lake. Thanks for giving me so many great hours of reading.

  • Our book club is composed of faculty/staff members of varied ages at a small mid-western community college. We have 7 members who are eclectic readers, so our discussions are lively! We would enjoy the opportunity to read your new book.

  • Would love a copy….new to this area and would love to begin a book club in our community called The Vineyard. It is an old vineyard with very aged vines and sycamore and pine trees trees 5hroughout. Love your books and always seeking them out. I know a group of friends to gather for a book club. It could be called….Books in the Vineyard

  • I would love to have two copies, one for my friend Lisa and I. I live in a low-income, subudized housing apartment with a lot of senior and any free to read books is greatly appreciated to add to the very emply book cases in the lobby. If you want to send a 3rd copy, I know it will be well-read and very much appreciated. Several of us in the building read and share books between us.

  • I have never been in a book club, but am starting one with 6 women. Our first meeting is May 5th where we will establish a name, guidelines, hosting details, and anything else we think of. I would love to have ARC’s for the group to begin our journey.

  • We would love this for our “Lazy Summer” book club. We are a club of 10 and can’t wait to read it!

  • Our book club is made up of 12 members and we are all ages….from 25-60 which makes for some great discussions. We also have three retired teachers who are a hoot but also provide great insight. The name of our group is the Chick-lits. I love love love your books! Thank you for this opportunity.

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