How does MY garden grow?

June 27, 2013

snapdragons, chard and nasturtiums, oh my

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  • Hi Susan
    I just finished your book The Goodbye Quilt. I was attracted to the book firstly because I am a quilter but as I read it I enjoyed the story between mother and daughter because I think most Mother’s have those feelings when their daughter leaves home wether to college or unto a new life I know I did. All those feelings of what am I going to do now and who am I are very strong, my daughter is 46 now and we are still best friends and I found quilting and all that goes a long with it as my new
    Now I will have to read your other books. Thanks Sandra

  • I just finished the Apple Orchard which I really loved and couldn’t put down!!Sure hope this the beginning of a new long series!! You are a fabulous writer and I enjoy you so much. You are on the top of the list for my favorite authrs

    I read all of the Lakeshore Chronicles’ which I guess you have exhausted but if you can come up with any new ideas on that one would LOVE it too!!

    Read all your other contemporary fiction too! In the beginning when I started with your books I wasn’t crazy about historical romances and couldnt get into it. Also didn’t read the Tudor rose trilogy , Calhoun Chronicles or the Chicago Fire Trilogy. Sincwe I love your writing sooooo much might try them again.

    I really hope you continue the stories on the characters from the Apple Orchard ! Love your stories !

  • Wow Susan those snapdragons when we moved we planted alot of them on the land but it is really dry and they haven’t come up yet they are so pretty. susan I am trying to get your address i made you a few things that are in honor of The Apple Orchard which i just loved and have been unsuccessful can you please give me a p.o. box on my e-mail thanks so much then i can have my husband take me to the post office and get it to you..

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