gallery wall

March 09, 2013

So a while back, I asked for advice to liven up this wall in my lounge room. Here is the wall before:

…and here it is with suggested art photoshopped in by my genius daughter. Inline image 1

And here is what my BFF and I did with the help of a bottle of wine, hammer, nails and tape measure. As you can see, I stuck close to her suggestions:

gallery wall

I bought the Moby and the Salt Water prints new. Everything else are things we had. My faves, of course, are the wedding photos and the 3 black-and-whites of our three kids at our wedding. Oh, and the Cats, of course. The Singing Cats is a print by Dr Seuss which became the endpapers in the Cat in the Hat Songbook. That’s a really important book from my past, because at the age of 6, I taught myself to read music just so I could play the songs from it.

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  • These look great. I just did a gallery wall of pictures of my parents. two of them taken when they were both young. My dads was at 19t taken before he went into the RAF and my mom’s is a portrait of her at 17. Then I had have a picture of them both taken from one of my brothers weddings. I had them each photo shopped from this photo and framed. It looks great.

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