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February 05, 2013

Flashback. While organizing files on my computer, I came across this special letter from “navywife@…” who wrote to me ten years ago. Her words are such a beautiful reminder of why I write. I wonder how she and her daughter are doing now. I’ll bet they’re just fine.

How do you stop and say thank you? At the beginning of the summer my older daughter (18) at the time and I were not getting along so well. I suppose with my health and the stress of being old enough to go it alone yet not ready made for not such nice chat times. So on the night we sat to have our open table chat, I suggested she and I read the same book taking turns when time allowed and then have coffee to talk about what we thought. (image source you were the author I chose. your books have brought us closer and we laugh about everything. Our most fav is the Summer by the Sea. We are trying to cook with your recipes and to our surprise not so bad. I hope to read more of your books. There is not a great deal of choices here in our town, but will keep an eye out for a new one to arrive. Thanks for taking time to express all you do in your books, even though they picture a perfect world, it is nice to have in this not so perfect life we all lead. So my daughter and I want to thank you for bringing us closer with words.

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