walking dead Christmas cookies

December 09, 2012

Delicious, too. The recipe can be found here:

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  • Sorry to go off topic – I don’t see any contact info, so pretend this is an email.

    I was extremely disappointed in the way you helped perpetuate the rape culture in Return to Willow Lake. You don’t seem to realize that Zach RAPED Sonnet at the end of chapter 2. I see that you tried to show that Sonnet eventually consented and turned her initial “no” into a “yes”, but legally and, more importantly, morally, she was too drunk to give consent, so your hero Zach is a rapist.

    Although force is often present in rape, lack of consent is the definitive factor, not force. Your story sends a message to women that unwanted sex is their own fault if they are raped while drunk. I don’t know if men read you, but it is also a message to them that there is a gray area with respect to consent where maybe it would not be rape to screw a drunk. Men need to be schooled that the concept of consent is very easy and clear cut – you must have consent for every instance, and the woman must have the capacity for consent (not drunk, drugged, asleep, retarded, or age 13). There is no gray area – it’s a binary decision for a man. Clear consent = green light; not = red light. And if the guy is also drunk, then he’s a drunk rapist.

    Here’s a good place to bring yourself up to speed on what constitutes rape. Maybe it would be a good jumping off place for a story – but for God’s sake don’t have the victim fall in love with and marry the damned rapist!


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