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October 06, 2012

Here is a plain jane wall in my lounge room. I want to add photos to it but I also want to keep the Singing Cats. It’s a really collectible piece, the artist’s sketch of the endpapers for the Cat in the Hat songbook. This is an important book in my life because at the age of six, I taught myself to read music in order to play the songs in this book. It didn’t seem like a big deal at the time but now I’m really proud of that little kid for teaching herself to read music. In learning, motivation is everything.

I’m motivated. School me on wall decorating. Not sure it comes through in the photo but this is a midcentury modern house, built in 1961. Color or black and white? Various sizes or all the same? Scenes? People? Both? Frames? Mats? More hand drawn art? I’m all ears.

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  • the key elements are all overlooked here as far as i can see…. how much do you use the room?? the picture only shows one wall of the room; if you only do the one wall without taking into consideration the rest of the room you will more than likely not be overly pleased with the results… tie the whole room in… how family, pet oriented are you?? do you have/do favorite candid photos?? there are now options for photography editing that can turn favs into cartoons, sketches,ect… lots of options!!! should fit you personally if it is your relaxation room… personalize and have fun with it!!!

  • I would put up 3 shelves, black, not hung in a row, off center from each other. Make the cat in the hat central, and place a couple of nicnaks on the shelves, related to Cat in the Hat or not.

  • All black frames in various shapes and sizes would work best. Since the room has clean lines, I’d steer away from scrolled, ornate frames. Get your inspiration from the lamp on the table. Very retro feel. Bring black down to the chairs with a pillow(same design as lamp if possible) or throw. If there is space, a narrow book/display shelf in black would look great under collection. By all means, color the white frame on what looks like a thermostat or it will stick out like a sore thumb.

    • Excellent advice. Thanks! I will try to camouflage the thermostat. To the left are 3 switch plates original to the house but I can change the paper behind them, maybe a print like the parker lamp. I’ll post the results.

  • Have you ever visited the Retro-rennovation blog? It’s all about mid-century modern.

    As for your question, I’d do black frames. Maybe even different kinds of black frames–but the blackness would unify them. And whatever sizes worked best for the photos/pictures.

    • I have some input from my genius daughter ( that I will post as a follow-up. She had similar advice to yours. Love the blog you sent me to. Thank you!

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