happy father’s day, Mr. Sunshine

June 18, 2011

I have a wonderful dad. He’s devoted his life to taking care of his family–providing for us, supporting us, cheering us on. I’ve always known I have a great dad, but never more than this past year. He was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. Rushed to the ER with bleeding ulcers. A few months later, he came down with MRSA. Yet he and my mom have never complained. I think at their age, they’ve figured out that complaining doesn’t work. When being admitted to acute rehab for the MRSA, the doctor asked him if he had any history of depression. He pointed to my sister, my mom & me and said, “I’m a pretty happy guy.” May we all live to believe that about life. Love you, Dad!

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  • Hi Susan,

    Lovely post on your dad. Today I am missing mine….as well as my husband. I am glad for those who have people to celebrate with. I love the photos and the obvious joy your dad shows 🙂 Have a good day !


    • Susan — man I had tears in my eyes just looking at that photo 😉 It speaks volumes. Wishing you and the specials dads in your life a wonderful Father’s Day. Blessings and God’s love to your father who just by looking at those photos, via your book that you wrote with Elizabeth and how they spent their honeymoon with this granparent couple is beautiful. Knowing from sneak peaks in your books, FB, website how special your parents are to you. My dad passed away 13 years ago of congestive heart failure – the year previously he had a stroke but learned how to walk, feed and dress himself and went back to work part time as the COO of the coal terminal my husband Phil still works for. I still miss him everyday, talk to him everyday if that makes sense and is not too weird! He was my hero and I was blessed to have him as my dad.

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