April 2011

house p*rn part 2

Some stuff I didn’t know about this facet of the process of having your house photographed: 1. The photo shoot crew works their asses off. They showed up bright and early,

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house p*rn

Are you as addicted as I am to home and garden magazines? God, I love them. There is even a nice name for them in the industry: shelter magazines. You

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Purses for PAWS = FUN!

Join in this exciting NEW event that PAWS of Bainbridge & North Kitsap is doing in May. Purses for PAWS! See note below from PAWS president Mindy Anderson: Sunday, May

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Chip In For Earth Day

Chip In For Earth Day For over 40 years, Earth Day has inspired individuals to demonstrate their commitment to environmental protection & sustainability. Catalog Choice helps you do your part

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images and music made easy

So I’ve been asked how to make a musical slide show to share. Like this one: [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-iFrBbydBAo] Believe me, I am not very technical. You don’t need to be. Get

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not fond of that 5:00am wake-up call

Barkis really can’t handle those early mornings. I can! My drive-time satellite radio tour for THE GOODBYE QUILT is on my Facebook page here http://www.facebook.com/susanwiggs and Twitter feed here http://twitter.com/#!/susanwiggs.

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