meet me in Melbourne, yo

March 26, 2011

2 things I love:
1. writers’ conferences
2. Australia
Registration is open for the RWAustralia’s 20th annual conference, August 11-14. The conference page gives you the whole scoop:
You can check out their Twitter feed here:!/RWAusConf2011
Or Facebook here:
Getting to Australia is easier than you think. It’s like flying to Hawaii but just a few bar drinks and a couple of in-flight movies longer. There are easy nonstops from LA on Virgin Australia (which makes you feel like a rock star) and Qantas. C’mon down under! What conferences are YOU attending this summer?

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  • Can’t wait for the Melbourne conference. I’ll be there with bells on (yep, we dress up weird at RWAust conferences ) In preparation for your visit, we’ve been having a Wiggsathon in RWAust, and people are catching up on your fabulous books.

    Love the pic of you with the galz from Harlequin Australia.

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