February 2011

pear and ginger tart

This is as yummy as it looks and ridiculously easy. You can blame my friend Suz. She has this recipe you can adapt to any fruit or flavoring. All you

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wisdom in today's e-mail

These came to me with no attribution. But they are well worth passing along. ZEN LIFE TEACHINGS 1. Do not walk behind me, for I may not lead. Do not

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beach boy

This is Sonny. He is Barkis’s bestie. No special reason for posting; I was just organizing photos on my computer. Who doesn’t love a big goofy lab?

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4 good women

My grandmother, my mom, Elizabeth and me. Who could guess she would grow up and write a book of her own???

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I (heart) readers

Thank you Ashley! She won a $100 gift card for sending this pic: file:///C:/Users/Susan/Pictures/Ashley%20reading%20our%20book.htm

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writer's paradise

This is one of the most writer-friendly conferences there is and–bonus–the peerless GAIL TSUKIYAMA is coming for a return visit. What’s not to like? Also, scroll down for some intriguing

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