Help me declutter my study

February 08, 2011

It’s just so cluttered. SOS! Please post your ideas for decluttering.

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  • I think it looks pretty organized, just the way it is. But giving away books is always a good way to declutter and do something nice at the same time! I’d love a signed copy of ANY of your novels. 🙂

  • Definitely stuff off the corkboard, also stuff you haven’t looked at for over a couple months could go too…however as is is pretty good! I’ve found though that no matter how many times I declutter I just fill it right back up!!! Maybe just a change in the color of the hiding, I mean storage containers might shake things up! I volunteer to declutter your book shelf :0) Good luck!

  • Um, I’ll take that office if you don’t want it — much more uncluttered than my workspace (and I will not humiliate myself by sharing a picture).

  • I think it looks quite functional and organized. I think the light coming into the room seems very -airy, enlightening, open. I’m being redundant, but It’s True!
    (what do you mean “All the books are up for grabs?”)


      • Just viewed this link, and have to say it doesn’t look fit for purpose for everyone style of working….many of the photos look minimalistic and not practical e.g. where on earth do some of the people keep their paper/folders if there are two drawers and whole lot of empty space above and below the desk!!!

        That’s not to say it doesn’t look nice (some of them do) but its all about how much you use the work space and I would be proud to have my study area resemble anything close to yours!!! Just noticed that I have come by this blog later in the year so I hope you got the end result you were looking for!!

      • The photos aren’t of a working office of a best-selling author.

        Can you get doors for the shelves?

        Regarding the corkboard. . .my suggestion would be to remove everything. What do you need instantly accessible? File everything else. I put my in-boxes into file folders inside a file basket from Cost Plus and am much happier.

        My last suggestion is to take Barkis on an Artist’s Date or for a long hike in the woods. You’ve got three books coming out back-to-back, and my guess is that the clutter is bothering you because you don’t want more reminders of just how much you have to do. Sometimes we just need to make like Greta Garbo and go out in the woods and howl, “I vant to be left aloooone.”

    • I totally agree with Kelley – I thought it was the final product and was about to say “Good job!”…If you can find all that you want when you want it….surely its a done and dusted job? The aesthetics is another level of ‘de-cluttering’ e.g. could have your shelves as compartments with ‘doors’ -frosted glass maybe so it still keeps the room bright but keeps more paper out of view….

    • LOL, Kelley! You are a breath of fresh air. It’s true that the stuff is generally in its proper place, but visually, the backboard of the desk and the shelves above give me a headache. I think the first order of business is to unpin everything from the corkboard.

  • Clutter. The bane of our existence (well that and running out of coffee).

    I found this in a recent issue of BH&G “When deciding whether keep something…….ask yourself these three questions.
    Do I love it?
    Do I use it?
    Could someone else use it? (Claire Kurtz,

    I would say on the stuff you MUST keep, but don’t use much -could some of it be contained and stored out of sight? Hmmmmm

    This has helped me more than anything else.

    Good luck!!!


      • Upon closer inspection, I see a lot of excellent Wiggs books in stock don’t I?

        Too bad I already have them all – or I would offer to take some off your hands!! And if I were close by, I would offer to help, but am still severely geographically impaired – as in still in California. You will be one of the first to know when we do move, then I can offer to come help firsthand, or at least go to coffee 🙂

        Enjoy the day Susan!


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