February 2011

the beach in winter

Barkis and Sonny on the beach [vodpod id=Groupvideo.8594784&w=450&h=325&fv=host%3Dpicasaweb.google.com%26amp%3Bcaptions%3D1%26amp%3Bhl%3Den_US%26amp%3Bfeat%3Dflashalbum%26amp%3BRGB%3D0x000000%26amp%3Bfeed%3Dhttps%253A%252F%252Fpicasaweb.google.com%252Fdata%252Ffeed%252Fapi%252Fuser%252Fsusanwiggsauthor%252Falbumid%252F5577439778915145761%253Falt%253Drss%2526kind%253Dphoto%2526hl%253Den_US] 1st collector for the beach in winterFollow my videos on vodpod

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happy feet

Nothing says “book tour” better than a wicked new pair of shoes. These are Fidjis, from Portugal.

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Getting the dress preserved = $293. Your daughter’s dream wedding = PRICELESS

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coffee time

So my friend and I checked out an estate sale and I found a couple of treasures. Would you please check out these vintage carafes? One is Corning, the other

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This is probably TMI but I just want to say, if you find yourself in the shower without your reading glasses, double-check the label on the conditioner bottle. It might

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