December 04, 2010

…but Barkis will do anything for me…

  • I too have a doberboy. He is a 5 year old red. Whenever he gets humiliated he grabs one of his stuffed froggies (after he removes the squeaker) and proceeds to nurse like a puppy on it. He then hides under his blanket and peeks out the eye holes he tears. Is Barkis a Velcro dog too? Please put a dobie in an upcoming novel. Love your writing, more please, lol

    • Barkis loves to suck, too! He forms his fleece blanket into a cone shape and goes to town. Must be a dobie thing; his predecessor did the same with his toy squirrel. Such big babies. He has his chin on me as I type this.

  • Ha! Come on down Susan, you can help me !!!! I would need a person with a steady hand and sewing/craft skills to make antlers for my miniature chickens (the Seremas) Hahahahaha!

    I looked at antlers today when I was in town, and decided I would just stick with the wonderful image of Barkis in my mind 🙂

    **still laughing at your post*** better go get dinner out of the oven 🙂

  • Way too cute, it’s ok Barkis you look darling !!! I know, just what a big strong Dobie wants to hear……..thanks for sharing Susan. I wanted to put these type of antlers on my LaMancha goat, or the pony, but still haven’t gotten to it.

    Now that I see Barkis dressed up I will have to find those and do it !


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