December 2010

something old is new again

Word from my hipper-than-thou niece is that the young folk are collecting books. Yes, they all have iPads and e-readers, but there is nothing quite like a beautiful edition of

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ginger cookie smackdown!

Here are the two best soft ginger molasses cookie recipes ever created. And hello, they both hail from Bainbridge Island. Do me a favor and make a batch of both.

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these eyes have a wet nose

I really love Fidelco, which provides guide dogs for the blind. One of my favorite readers and people is a Fidelco client. As soon as I finish this post, I’m

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One of the few good things about winter’s short days–the sun comes up at a civilized hour.

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Barkis paid a visit to Dilly. They’re a matched set. Please visit

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