we’re writing a whole novel in 6 days

September 20, 2010

REALLY. Check it out: [youtube http://youtube.com/w/?v=yMwdzCkTA-U]

  • Hello,

    We will be having a fantastic weekend of writers and authors to share their books and talents at the Write Away in Rockaway in Rockaway Beach, Oregon, Oct. 23 and 24th.
    There will be an Author’s Fair 12-3 pm on the 23rd at City Hall.
    Readings and signings at other times and spots.
    We are planning on having authors offer any writing related classes from 10 am-6 pm Saturday and 11-2 pm Sunday.(You may charge a fee for your classes; it is all independent.)
    We will have writing games from 7-9pm Saturday evening.
    The businesses in town will be posting their favorite books in window displays, some restaurants will have fun meals, like a “Steinbeck Special,” and there will be book sales all along the main street.

    So, authors and journalists-
    Let me know if you wish to attend the Author’s Fair (you will get the wholesale price of your book, the retail difference will go to charities in Rockaway Beach. Details will be emailed to you upon request.) And/or of you would like to teach a class, the Chamber will provide a space and advertising for you.

    Also, share your ideas with me to pass along to the Chamber. We want this to be a fun experience for everyone!

    — Rebecca Harrison

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