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July 13, 2010

So I’m going on a little research trip from my next novel (assuming I manage to finish the current one). Here’s a preview of the first stop, a chateau with guest rooms near Bordeaux, France:

From the owner:

“Just to give you some precision about the place, It is a family dwelling and we are living there all year. If we have decided to open a few rooms to guests its with a certain idea of reception and genuine French style. For that reason, all our accommodation are very refined and comfortable with high level of services. They are mostly ensuites, decorated with our antiques and family objects, beautiful linen, lace and silk. They are very romantic with theirs canopy beds (all with king size bedded!) and have all modern convenience. Each accomodation has its own view on the moat and surroundings.

“We are located in the heart of the world-famous Bordeaux vineyards, at short distance from Saint-Émilion, and sightly further from Sauternes and Médoc. The chateau is tucked away in the country side, at the village gates in a large parkland with protected land around (21 hectares). Nevertheless, we are very nearby Bordeaux by drive to possibly go out at night (20 mns)… We have for your meals, 3 very good local restaurants very nearby (1 at 1 km at the golf and 2 others at 5 to 10 mns) or at least at 20 mns around a lot of restaurants (michelin stars).
We have an outdoor swimming pool on the premises.
“For the Golf players, we are very close by 2 golf private Golf courses (we are members) : a 27 holes Golf at 3 mns and another with 18 holes at 10 mns (9 Golf courts around (at least less than 1 hour by drive). The Atlantic ocean and the Pyla Dune are at 45 mns from here and a lot of things to discover (prehistorical sites, old villages and the medieval routes….
“The castle was built at the 12th Century during the time Aquitaine came under English control (when Eleanor of Aquitaine married Henry II, King of England, the first Plantagenet King). At the 14th century, it became one of the residences of the “Black Prince”, Prince of Wales and Governor of Aquitaine, Edward of Woodstock. It has stood majestically with its three towers since this period, and is still surrounded by its original moat filled with running water. To enter in the chateau, you have to cross an unique little bridge…”

Château Lamothe Prince Noir

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  • Oh, Susan, this trip is going to transport you to incredible insights and inspirations. . .contemporary to historical. I can’t wait to read what comes out of this trip. I think it will take your writing to new heights and sophistication.

    LOL ~ there isn’t anybody’s word I would take over your own to certify the worth of a romance novel. I love, love, love the cover of your new book. The bridge metaphor is rich, rich, rich. And, the cover comes close to my favorite. . .SUMMER BY THE SEA. So happy your publisher is treating you with the respect you richly deserve.

    My sense is that with Wiggs entering the professional job market and your upcoming trip that your upcoming books will appeal phenomenally to the affluent, brilliant, career woman (young and young at heart). This is a market that is significantly underserved. . .except for Susan Wiggs.

    Quite frankly, you are the ONLY escape author I still read. The rest bore me to tears. It feels like they shuffle cards to come up with plots ~ same story over and over and over again until I want to puke.

    Sending hugs. . .

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