when dogs go shopping

June 17, 2010 | 3 Comments

I took Barkis to Naturally 4 Paws and let him pick out any toy he wanted. He is obsessed with this little thing. It has such an annoying squeak!


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The trouble with living in a glass house is that sometimes birds smash into the windows. Putting decals on the glass doesn’t seem to help. This little guy hit the window at high speed and lay on his side for a while. I shooed away some marauding crows and left him alone. After about 30 minutes, he flew away. A happy ending! Please see this post for tips on what to do if the stunned bird needs help.

10 days post-op

June 14, 2010 | Leave a comment

Sonny the lab had a cantaloupe-sized cyst removed from his chest 10 days ago. I was worried about him because he’s 13 and a big surgery is rough at any age. But look at him, with his mom, one of my besties. Are they not the cutest? They hiked Mt Townsend yesterday. Ah, a happy ending.


June 13, 2010 | 2 Comments

I just love them. In a vase from my favorite aunt.

old friends…young at heart

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Anders and I went to high school together in Waterloo, Belgium…and haven’t seen each other since. We got together last week for a chat & dinner at the Four Swallows for seafood and a bottle of Shafer “Relentless” Syrah. He is as kind, smart, funny and adorable as he was <ahem> years ago. Except taller. He finally grew into his head! He’s a dad, husband, skier, lawyer, Swede, Californian, wine connoisseur, writer, free spirit and good guy. There is magic and wonder in keeping in touch with old friends. bottle_Relentless.jpg

field report

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book spotting by my adorable niece. Hello Austin Texas!
Subject: Walgreens Austin TX
I’m so proud of my famous Aunt Sukie!! I found the shelf at Walgreens littered with your books in Austin 🙂

adopt a platoon

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Thanks to Shelf Awareness for passing this along. Shelf Awareness is my favorite e-newsletter, even though I end up wanting to read every book they mention….

Pomegranate Books, Wilmington, N.C., collected care package items to send to troops stationed overseas through the Adopt a Platoon program. Collections ended last Sunday, and Monday Pomegranate’s Facebook page featured an enthusiastic expression of gratitude to local supporters of the effort: “The Wilmington, N.C. community really came together and helped us collect TONS of things for individual soldiers serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. We will be sending them through Adopt a Platoon.”

Another FB update added a “HUGE thank you to everyone who brought in Adopt a Platoon books, magazines, cards, snacks, soap, chapstick, shipping money, etc! We are sending a LOT of stuff over. Katie and Visha sorted it all today, and will pack for shipping tomorrow!”