June 2010

when dogs go shopping

I took Barkis to Naturally 4 Paws and let him pick out any toy he wanted. He is obsessed with this little thing. It has such an annoying squeak!

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The trouble with living in a glass house is that sometimes birds smash into the windows. Putting decals on the glass doesn’t seem to help. This little guy hit the

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10 days post-op

Sonny the lab had a cantaloupe-sized cyst removed from his chest 10 days ago. I was worried about him because he’s 13 and a big surgery is rough at any

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old friends…young at heart

Anders and I went to high school together in Waterloo, Belgium…and haven’t seen each other since. We got together last week for a chat & dinner at the Four Swallows

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field report

book spotting by my adorable niece. Hello Austin Texas! Subject: Walgreens Austin TX I’m so proud of my famous Aunt Sukie!! I found the shelf at Walgreens littered with your

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adopt a platoon

Thanks to Shelf Awareness for passing this along. Shelf Awareness is my favorite e-newsletter, even though I end up wanting to read every book they mention…. Pomegranate Books, Wilmington, N.C.,

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a sassy summer read

Would you please check out my friend Rebecca‘s latest book? You loved Rebecca Wells’s breakout hit, Divine Secrets of the Yaya Sisterhood. Her new one has all the sassy, charm,

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