May 2010

awesome giveaway

Okay, this is just too cool. They’re giving away $100, a bunch of books, and The Ocean Between Us on the Blissfully Domestic blog. No excuses, my friends. Leave a comment

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house guest

We have a special guest this week. Sonny the lab. He’s 13. Isn’t he gorgeous? More shots here.

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poem from the past

I’m so glad I found this poem online! I memorized it when I was a kid, to recite to my mom on Mother’s Day. Every word is still true: Only

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What's your favorite e-reader?

Supporting Hardware – see  Format Reader  Plain text PDF ePub HTML Mobi- Pocket Fiction- Book DjVu Broadband eBook1 eReader1 Kindle1 WOLF1 Tome Raider1 Open eBook2 Amazon Kindle 2, DX Yes Yes No

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spelling lesson

What words are people apt to misspell? What words do you always miss? Dictate these words to the best speller you know and see how she does: larynx, minuscule, guttural,

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