April 29, 2010

When it comes to the people I work with in publishing, I am very, very blessed. They just did the nicest thing for me!

“In honor of The Ocean Between Us, and because this book is such a beautiful tribute to military families, the agency has made a donation in your name to Wounded Warrior.”

The worst wound of all is to be forgotten. You can help instantly by going to the Wounded Warrior site and clicking “Donate Now.” eric3.jpg(source)

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  • Wow Susan — Is it just me getting goosebumps? I’d say nice agency! I was not familiar with the Wounded Warrior and now I am. Thanks as always for sharing all these powerful links on your blog which I enjoy reading and viewing.

    I’m really looking forward to reading the Ocean Between Us. A well crafted Susan original that began on paper and created with those famed blue pens! I can’t help but think that those type of books make us think beyond the obvious and allow us to get a real and raw glimpse of what it’s like on a real personal level for those brave men and women who serve and sacrifice for their countries so that we and our children’s future may live in peace, freedom and safety.

    Cheers, Chantal 🙂

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