March 2010

3 generations of cuteness

Would you please get a load of this? My mom, granddog & great granddog. And please note the groovy top. If you look close, you can see someone used the

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RITA award finalistS

Since I am out of town, I didn’t understand all these e-mails with !!!!!!!!!!! in the subject line flowing to my in-box. TA-DA! It appears Lakeshore Christmas (along with many

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please bear with me

I’m sorry, but I just need to take a moment and say Happy Birthday to my amazing, incredible, never-ending-work-in-progress, my daughter Elizabeth. I just adore her. I try not to

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Carrier Nimitz passing by

The Nimitz came through this morning. It’s unusual to see so many aircraft aboard. Here’s a close shot. More images here: Enjoy the day!

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cleverly put

A statement on the future of book publishing. It’s worth watching all the way to the end, if you like palindromes. [youtube]

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it's not easy being green

Each year at St Patrick’s Day, I am green challenged. I like the color. We live on one of the greenest corners of the earth. One of my favorite books of

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