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February 17, 2010

The Coast Times is a great e-zine for people who love the beach.

book_feature_summerhideaway.jpgBeloved, bestselling author Susan Wiggs delivers the next installment of her popular Lakeshore Chronicles series, The Summer Hideaway – a touching tale of secrets and sacrifice, loss and redemption… and a love too powerful to be denied. Medvac helicopter pilot Ross Bellamy comes home after two years deployment in Afghanistan. His beloved grandfather George has terminal cancer and refuses to receive further medical treatment. Instead, George has gone to the Catskills to reconcile with his brother Charles, before he dies. George hires private-duty nurse Claire Turner, whose specialty is palliative care for the terminally ill, to accompany him. His family thinks Claire is using George and has the local cops thinking she kidnapped him. However, Ross observing very carefully knows otherwise as she is a caring professional. What he does not understand is why the beautiful Claire has buried herself with the Bellamy brothers and their kin in New York. The character driven storyline grips the audience when an Auburn cop pulls over Claire and George. Fans will enjoy The Summer Hideaway as love grows with the Bellamy brood.

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  • Susan what a wonderful review.. I cannot wait until this book comes out.. I know it will fly off the shelves and the there are alot of pre-orders too I am sure..

  • Thanks Susan – I just subscribed to the Coast Times newsletters. I had no idea it was available. Very cool. I love beach reads especially in the summer where hockey and 101 things my boys are involved in all magically — stop. I read a Macomber, Wiggs, Barnett book last summer (my mom had a copy in the rec room) called That Summer Place — what a great concept ie different perspectives/characters from all three talented writers literally about the experiences of that summer place. I raved about it and then my sisters and mom had to read it as well!

    Congrats on The Summer Hideaway’s release in March. I’m really looking forward to reading it. I’ll make sure I read it before I go on holidays as no new book is safe with sisters and a mom around ie they pick up the book and start reading it before I can finish it (probably because I’m cooking something for them from great finds at the farmer’s market) . I do it as well — and try really hard to find the spot they were at!!! – It’s a fun game of cat and mouse and there were times when we hid in bathrooms or closets to finish them. The rule is you can’t divulge any details — no matter how good. Discussion can occur after everyone has read the book. It’s all in good fun.

    Enjoy your Sunday — it’s beautiful here up North – blue sky and mild weather. A wonderful treat from all the rain and grey skies. Bike rides and doggie walks will happen this aft for sure:) All the while trying to ignore the dust that I see – from all this glorious sun shining in the windows— play or clean – a pickle -waiting…. but play wins hands down!

    Cheers, Chantal

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