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January 31, 2010

When I’m in fast first-draft mode, I use up ink cartridges like an undiagnosed hypergraphic. Nothing stops me quicker than running out of ink and having to dig through the drawers for more. So here’s my solution. It looks kind of like an assault weapon with extra rounds. Not very elegant. There’s got to be a be a better way. Post your ideas below! Please!

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  • On the tweet – LOVE the new cover for The Chicago Fire Trilogy – cannot wait to see what THE FIREBRAND is like. Oh so beautiful.

    The pen must be heavy when you start a book!

  • What a trip down memory lane! All the way through junior high and high school and beyond, I used that exact pen with peacock blue ink! I must have one now.

    Actually, I like your low-tech rubber band approach. Kind of reminscent of a gatling gun, for rattling off that first draft.

  • Hey Susan !

    I was recalling that cute heart shaped sling type treat bag that you have for Barkis 🙂 maybe you need one of those for your peacock blue cartridges……or I suppose it is turquoise now. I see from time to time NOS (new old stock) of bottles of peacock blue ink and wonder if you have use for a bottle. Likely not, unless you have a refillable cartridge too.

    Enjoy the day !


  • added this here from your FB fanpage just in case someone else might be able to use these ideas…….depends on how many colors you have for your printer….have someone make a small “staircase” so to speak (one stair for each color you need unless it is mainly black that you are needing and have someone drill holes just slightly bigger than each tube stand them up inside and they will always be handy….make sure they are not too close together so that putting them in and removing them doesn’t take too much precision or work 🙂 OR make a “holster” type thing (thinking back to the old west with gun belts that had a little loop of leather to hold a bullet) that you could just put up on a bulletin board or hang off of the side or over something (like a remote holder for the arm of a chair) Hope this makes sense. Just thought of something to add……you could have someone make a “holster” type thing that would slip over a cup (pen holder) and they would be on the outside of the cup. kind of like those tool organizers that fit over the edge and on the outside of a 5 gallon bucket.

  • I love those pens too – easy flow and my only choice in highschool and college years 😉 Today, I write outlines and notes with a Staedtler pencil with a .5 HB. Like crazy about it and have stashes of the little cases all over my house! Obsessed.. so I totally understand! What I’ve done to combat wasting time finding them is to have a good stash right at my computer in a metal office type cup. My only fault to my great plan is my son Ben loves to work with Staedtler pencils as well. So I have stashes of pencil refills but my stash of Staedtlers are missing in action because Ben takes them. Man! Ah the mom world gotta love it 😉 With ink cartridges being bigger – how about storing them in two places 1) at your writing/computer desk and 2) in other area you frequent ie kitchen etc. Place the cartridges in a decorative box or container (as they are sealed etc) just fill them up to the roof top – and there’s the psy element of hey I will not run out right now- and replenish when necessary. Check out the cool boxes at office supply stores or even gift or flower shops. That way – you can write great material and not waste time searching for cartridges especially when great plots are flowing – who wants to stop! 😉 — Cheers, Chantal 🙂

  • Maybe load up ink cartridges in big plastic cups u set on whatever surface/ surfaces you’re working on so they’re ready for quick changes as needed…

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