What did you order on Cyber Monday?

November 30, 2009

There is an inverse relationship between the people I buy presents for and the people who read my blog. So it’s safe to post a good mnay of my purchases here. They will be hiding in plain sight, safe from my relatives’ prying eyes, because their eyes don’t pry here.

Cyber Monday is, apparently, a big online retail day. We laggards who ate, slept and lazed our way through Thanksgiving weekend simply logged on this morning instead of lining up at midnight for flat-screen TVs from big box stores. My haul:

How about some wonderful ceramic art from Sally Mara Sturman? Bee Tea.....Mug

A pair of gray jeans from www.badjoan.com Kasil: Devoted Lola in Fog
I am told that gray is the vogue color this season.

A gravity-operated automatic pepper mill, which I first used in cooking class.
Trudeau Elite Graviti Battery Operated Pepper Mill - Chrome & Black
A travel vest with like a couple dozen hidden pockets Travel Vest for Women
Also for travel, a Butler Bag: 270x300BlackClassic.jpg

Several books: BookCover

And games: <em>Foodie Fight</em>: A Trivia Game For Serious Food Lovers

And kitchen stuff–onion goggles, anyone?:

A few T-shirts with stupid slogans:
product_image.php?imageid=326i AM that man from Nantucket T-Shirt

Cashmere blankets, one size fits all…
A couple of Bugzookas from www.northerntool.com because you always run into someone who needs a Bugzooka. zookalone.gif
…and I treated myself to a really great skirt for holiday parties: Metallic Leopard Skirt

I like Shutterfly for making photo gifts. I ordered TONS of wedding prints and calendars and such, because my daughter’s wedding was a once-in-a-lifetime event. Here is a shot of my sister, my brother and me at the reception. Are we having fun yet?

Well! I am so on top of the shopping this year! Where are you shopping and what are you buying?

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  • Susan you have given me such fabulous ideas! I had never heard of Bad Joan, but that is a great site. I know where I will be shopping for clothing when I get some Christmas money.

  • I haven’t even STARTED shopping, but I’m not in panic mode yet. I do this every year. 😉

    What great ideas! That skirt is adorable and the failed spellers shirt cracks me up. You have a fun blog! First the Squirrelizer and now Bugzookas. I love it!

    BTW, I officially switched to my pen name! 🙂

  • Oh Susan, I think you should hold a contest for a reader to receive a Butler Bag…and pick me, considering it was my idea…and I think it’s awesome!

    As for cyber Monday, I headed to Old Navy for the 20% off and free shipping…because not only did I get that deal, but had a $20 off coupon because I buy too much from them. So, the total was about $39.00 and I paid about $8.00 for jeans for my daughter and khaki’s for my husband.

    With this savings you’d think I could afford the Butler Bag?! 🙂

    • I like the Butler Bags too. Sooo clever. It’s worth registering on the site for their discounts. Here is a note from yesterday. It might only apply to yesterday but if you want to check it out, see below:

      To make room for our new styles arriving in a few weeks we’re
      having a HUGE CYBER MONDAY SALE…

      Buy 2 regularly priced Classic OR Hybrid Butler Bags…
      and get 2 FREE!
      (free bags must be of equal or lesser value than purchased bags)

      Buy any 2 Sample Hybrid or Limited Edition Small Tote
      and get 1 FREE!
      (free bag must be of equal or lesser value than lowest priced purchased bag)

      Hurry…Offer ends today at midnight!

      Be sure to specify what FREE bag/bags you would like with
      your order. Offer valid only on in stock items
      (Classic, Hybrid and Small Tote).

  • Let’s see. Just yesterday, I hit up Old Navy for 20% off and free shipping. I also purchased wine glass trays from Barnes & Noble with a 15% off coupon (they already had free shipping). I also picked up 3 books (Olive Kitteridge and Guernsey Potato Peel and Before the Green Gables) at Overstock.com – 2 for me. Last week, Amazon got a bit of money for a board game. I bought a Wedgewood ornament for half off, clothes from Target, and calendars from Snapfish and Kodak. About 99% of my shopping was online with coupons and whatnot. I just have to pick up a gift card for my work party and a friend of mine and I’m done. Oh, and the husband and I bought each other a mattress for Christmas.

    I love that hyperbole shirt. I’ve considered buying it before. I also like the shirt that says “Congratulations! You can read!” or something like that. I buy a snarky shirt every year. The shirt that gets the most comments is the one that says, “Good grammer costs nothing”.

    • I bought one that says, “failed spellers, UNTIE!” but haven’t found the perfect recipient for it yet.

      Making photo gifts is addictive! Fortunately they keep sending me discount codes. 🙂

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