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November 29, 2009

So on Amazon’s Home Page, the Kindle is displayed with a very familiar book. Thanks, Amazon!

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  • Hello, I am a new reader! I just wanted to comment to say I read your book on a whim because of the Amazon Kindle ad and really enjoyed it. After that I went to my local bookstore and got Fireside, Just Breathe, and Summer at Willow Lake. Good stuff! I love your style. I’m now a big fan!

  • Congrats, Susan! Well-deserved publicity. 🙂 And I can’t tell you how many people are sending me a link to this ad…you have quite the buzz going. (About the book; not because of any celebratory wine you might have consumed…!)

  • Ha!

    That’s so funny.

    I just now finished my NaNoWriMo “novel” (i.e. crap thing that still represents my renewed commitment to self-discipline in writing.)

    The reward I’ve been promising myself all month? To go upstairs and read Lakeshore Christmas. On my Kindle.

    Jung may have had something…

  • Just wonderful. I must admit, I am considering going over to the dark side-possibly buying one of those things. I love to read a book, turn the pages, anticipating the next wonderful scene or dialogue, but, since I am going away for a month, I cannot take all my favoured books with me. So…there you go, I will advance into to this century of electronic gadgets and will probably buy one. Thankfully the favourite author, SW, and a few others, can be downloaded.

    How wonderful for you to have Amazon show it with your book on it. So great!

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