the gratitude project

November 05, 2009

By popular demand, I’m bringing back my most-requested blog project. Last November, we had so much fun right here on my blog listing things we’re grateful for that I’ve created a special web site for it.

Please join me again this year in the gratitude project. Expressing gratitude for things large and small is incredibly good for you. There’s probably a psychological study proving it, but you don’t need a study. If you do this simple exercise once a day, you’ll know it works, because you’ll feel better.

Every day from now until Thanksgiving, I’ll be posting things I’m grateful for at Some will be silly, some profound, but all will be honest and from the heart. I invite you to join me in this exercise. I’d love it if you’d post your list there too, because readers and writers never fail to inspire me. But you don’t have to. Keep your list private if you wish. The important thing is to specify something you’re grateful for, and write it down.  Or put it on your blog or share with a friend. Feel free to pass the suggestion along. I”d be eternally grateful.

Instructions: Posting is ridiculously simple. All you need to do is send your gratitude in an e-mail to You can write a line or two or three, whatever you like. You can also attach a picture or video. Then come to and see everyone’s posts. Put that e-mail addy in your address book. Please chime in! I can’t wait to hear from you!

Note: Posts appear without attribution (it will just say “posted by e-mail”). If you want the post attributed to you, simply sign it with your first name and last initial, maybe your location. Like this: Susan W., Washington state

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  • Thanks for your response. You always make my day. I love reading the posts from all the girls that have participated in your project. Both Pam and Carol put directions, on how to get there, on their blogs. Please keep up the great work, thank you so much !


  • Loved this last year 🙂 So inspirational to read.
    I posted, got an email confirmation of post, we’ll see how this works !
    Thanks for doing this again Susan !

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