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November 04, 2009

I don't eat them, either, but aren't they cute?

Confession: It felt a little odd, having a Christmas book out before Halloween. I just couldn’t drum up that cozy, romantic mood that makes Christmas so special. The good news is, I ate the last of my Halloween candy for breakfast and NOW I’m ready to rock Christmas.

Here is a preview of Lakeshore Christmas. It’s worth opening the link because it gives you a few of the amazing recipes at the end. Remember my motto for this book: Bake some cookies. Save the library. Save the world.

You know, I’m so ready for Christmas now, I’m going to send somebody a signed book. You know the drill–write a Comment on this blog entry and you’re entered. In your comment, let us know the moment when you FINALLY feel the holiday season is here.

Winner will be picked via on Sunday after I get home from the Fire in Fiction workshop. Which btw you should be coming to.


  • I know it is time for the holidays right before Halloween when they are putting up Christmas trees in the stores. It is not time for the tunes yet but soon. Lol,Diana

  • The holidays have always begun for me on Thanksgiving Day. It was tradition in our house to watch the Macy’s Parade and I never thought of Christmas starting until Santa got to Macy’s.

    Stores were closed and families were together in peace and harmony before the hubbub of the season began. it was great.

    I really don’t like how early Christmas comes to the stores now. It sort of spoils Thanksgiving and the family time enjoyment.

  • Around here it gets cold so early it doesn’t really seem like Christmas until Thanksgiving is over and then it’s just a matter of days. I’m already hearing Christmas music at the stores I shop at!

  • In my supermarket, it’s when they have a load of boxed Pannetone by Ferrara, piled high at the beginning of November. (This is the traditonal Italian bread/cake served on Christmas Eve.) Very hard not to buy a Panettone now and dig into it before Christmas Eve. It has to be Christmas Eve for the first taste! When I see the Pannetone, I know Christmas-is-a-coming!

  • For me the holidays start when my kiddos start wanting to read Christmas books before bed. I have a whole collection of children’s books for the holidays. We love to have ours baths done and jump into my big bed. Then snuggle up with a few good books. It’s the best feeling ever!

    Have a Wonderful Holiday season!

  • Mostly around the first snowfall of the season or when the first of the Christmas book start appearing. I love seeing them in the stores. I just want to take them home and snuggle up to read them.

  • I know the season is here when, My Mom is on her way for the Holidays. She is on her way today! Plus 11/10 is my oldest sons birthday. Also that there are Christmas things on the shelves in the stores. Oh yea Halloween starts off the Holidays.

    Holidays are over when Mom packs her car up for the trip back to my home town, Milwaukie Oregon.

    P.S. I have read all your newest books and am now catching up with the past ones. Just finished “The You I Never Knew” Just started ” Passing Through Paradise” You are my favorite Author.

    This is so cool to be able to converse with you. My 10 yr old is so enamored that your on my friends page…lol

    Thank you for sending Me a book! =)
    (((Hugs))) Deon!

  • Usually for me the first sign of Christmas is when the decorations are stocked on store shelves and all of the upcoming Christmas theme books are out. Christmas is my favorite time of year. Any story with that theme always gets me hooked no matter what of the year it is. I can’t get enough of them.

    Plus I love shopping for everyone on my list as well and enjoy the season with friends and family all around. Have a great Christmas.


  • Of course, there are several things that signal the beginning of the holiday season (actually, it never ends for me), but what puts me most in the mood has to be the first sound of Christmas music. I love the stations that start the day after Halloween (you can never hear enough of it to over-satisfy me). Actually, I have yet to hear one this year. Maybe I should put on a cd! Naw, I’m not quite ready.

  • Hope I’m not too late to post. This year I felt in the season for the first time when I went to Hobby Lobby for a plate holder and basket and was enchanted by all the Christmas aisles full of colorful fun items. Playing on the loud speaker was Christmas music that had me humming along. It was a good morning!

  • I know the season is here when I go birthday shopping for my step-daughter (Oct. 15th) and every store I go to has started displaying holiday items…’TIS THE SEASON! lol 🙂

  • I worked in retail for many years. As we all know, putting Christmas out before Thanksgiving, well, that puts an odd slant on the timeframe for true heartfelt joy of the oncoming season……but, that said, for me it is when I am planning Thanksgiving dinner. Once that is celebrated, Christmas is right around the corner – baking and wrapping and enjoying suprising friends and family with the giving part of the season.

    Why would I enter this contest you ask ? Because I would be happy to give a lovely copy of this fabulours book to a friend to introduce her to the joy of reading Susan Wiggs of course !

    Enjoy the day !


  • I know Christmas has arrived at our house when the first Christmas cards come in the mail, and I marvel yet again at how big our friends’ kids are, read about what they’ve been doing for the last year, and be humbly grateful that so many people think of us in the midst of a busy season.

    Happy Holidays, everyone!

  • The Christmas season is definately here! One, I’ve already started gift shopping, and have even picked up a few door decorations. Secondly, a local radio station has started to play Christmas music. The morning DJ is our neighbor across the street from us. He said people called and requested the music to start right after Halloween. Go figure. Love this series, as we live not too far from your fictious town. We live in the northern area of Orange County, NY. Very close to New Paltz, etc.
    Keep up your fantastic stories! Warmest wishes for a wonderful holiday season to you! Lori K

  • When you are leaving work in downtown Chicago at 5:00 p.m., it’s dark outside and the city lights up the trees along the street with tiny white lights. It’s so beautiful!!!!

  • When my TEENAGE kids asked me after Halloween…”can we go to NC to visit everyone for Thanksgiving week as a Christmas present to us.”…
    They GET the reason of the Season!!! I’m so excited!!

    Wonderful Holiday wishes to you!!


  • The season always starts for me on the Saturday after my mother’s 12/8 birthday. That was always the day we trimmed the tree. I keep the tradition.

  • When the Christmas wish list requests from the kids are peppered through nearly every conversation we have! LOL

    I have also begun putting together our Christmas letter, thinking about the Christmas card photo, and making ornaments for this year (we make new ones every year to add to what we already have).

  • The first sign of Christmas to me is the first week of November when I start listening to Christmas music in the car. It really kicks in when the local radio station 106.9FM switches over to 24/7 holiday music a couple weeks before Thanksgiving. Also, this is the time that retailers start airing their Christmas commercials. I’d love to read your newest book, Susan! Please enter me in your contest. 🙂

  • I KNOW the season is here the day after Thanksgiving when I can listen to Christmas music all day long on the radio…and I do! 😉

  • There’s not one thing that signals Christmas for me. I’ve already started my holiday shopping, but I don’t feel Christmas-ish. I think it will happen when the weather gets colder and I can put up my tree. I could be full of it though because some of the stores have their Christmas displays up and I’m already feeling that tug to buy ornaments and make gingerbread houses.

  • When the first snowflakes start to fall it always put me in the mood to listen to Christmas music and write out Christmas cards!!!

  • It starts for me just before Thanksgiving. I like to start sneaking in Christmas songs about a week before, then I have over a month to enjoy the holiday feeling. We don’t decorate until after Thanksgiving, but the songs get us started.

  • Just finished reading Lakeshore Christmas…fantastic! I love this series. Christmas spirit kind of sneaks up on me every year….much like the holiday itself! One day, I’ll be in dismay about how early the decorations go up in the stores, and then all of the sudden, seeing the lights & trees makes me smile & feel all warm & fuzzy inside.

  • When the lights of the Christmas tree are the only lights on in the house, and all is still, and Christmas carols are playing in the background. That’s when I know it is Christmas time.

  • Well…I feel it’s almost Christmas when I get that first TOY Catalog in the mail…after that it’s non-stop catalogs! This is the first year in a LONG time that I have been geared up for Christmas even BEFORE Halloween. Normally I am the kind of person that waits until the day AFTER Thanksgiving to even THINK about Christmas. But I have the Christmas cards made and ready to mail and am actually excited to already be seeing Christmas displays in the stores. I think having a toddler at home who is excited for Santa plays a BIG part in my attitude! And Thanks for the YUMMY Cookie recipes Susan!

  • There are many, many things you humans do to prepare for and enjoy Christmas. Decorations and delicious treats are everywhere. Ovens and evergreens flood rooms with their aroma. Presents fill the household hiding spots. Trees move inside and come alive with color and shine. Lights on the roof, around doors, and in windows splash the nights with warmth regardless of the temperature. Light is everywhere and most wonderfully there is light in all of you humans who celebrate Christmas. It’s light that’s more excepting of others, that produces more smiles than frowns, produces heartier laughs, warmer hugs, and makes the happiness of others at least as important as your own. How bright it glows. From a canines point of view it’s what truly illuminates Christmas.

  • Our park has lots of lighted holiday displays with Christmas music playing, there’s a walk path and it’s so inspirational to take a walk at night. That’s when I have my moment that the season has arrived. After that it’s the cookies!!

  • Susan I’m from a family of 11 children, so getting together (even if it’s in another state of Australia – as I live in Victoria but originate from Sth Australia) – finally making that decision months out from xmas that I’m going to see my family brings on that excitement of the xmas season. My two daughters love to see their nanna, grandpa, aunties, uncles & cousins in the perfect setting which is close to the coast. We don’t make it “home” every year but when we do the place is flooded with happy faces and joyous excitment that Santa’s coming (it’s especially wonderful for the littlies). Even if we travel away from home at xmas we always get a live tree & decorate it as the smell of pine needles is divine- brings back the memories of all of us kids hopping in the Holden Stationwagon and travelling up the hills to collect the family xmas tree – this was an exciting time as a child, makes me tear up!

  • Well, for me, it’s as soon as I read my first Christmas-themed book. This year, it was That Holiday Feeling by Debbie Macomber, Sherryl Woods, and Robyn Carr, followed immediately by Lakeshore Christmas! And now I am putting more books like that on my reading list to get me right through the New Year!

  • Christmas is just around the corner, and I can feel it coming soon. I am glad you do that too. I like to do table decorations and just this morning Pam and I dug around in packed boxes and found a couple of things for Thanksgiving, but it was the Christmas things that made my heart sing.

    There was nothing for us to vote on yesterday, so I stayed put and planned holidays !!!

    Pam sure enjoyed the conference and got a lot out of it. She is writing as we speak, I too want more of the book !

    XXX, Barbara

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