reminder: all brides are beautiful

October 24, 2009

good to go
good to go

…at any stage of life. One of my favorite people in the world is getting married today. This is the second time around for this adorable couple. Their kids are grown and flown, and a whole new chapter is opening for them. Inspiring! In a very real way. I think I need to write about a second-chance couple. And check out her outfit. Breathtaking, right down to the ruby slippers.

  • My 70 year old father just got married two weeks ago. He has been a widower for over 15 years and ended up dating a woman he knew in high school who is also a widow. They share the same faith and are so good together. My Dad says he has only ever been with two women in his life.

    Dad’s bride was very pretty in an off white suit and gold small heeled shoes. They had a very small ceremony with only family invited. That included 4 kids and their kids on my side and 6 kids and 17 grandchildren on hers.

    Love has taken years off of them, I swear.

  • There are so many different types of “second chance” couples. My dear, deceased Grandma married two more times after being widowed in her late 50’s, outliving each of the very sweet men she married after. She couldn’t take another loss after her last (and maybe even most beloved – certainly the most outwardly tender and sweet to her) husband, Marvin, died. She died at the age of 100 at her own breakfast table, mind intact, having lived a full life.

    I am part of a second chance couple (third chance for me, I’m embarrassed to admit). Lucky for me and my three children, my husband Kevin, paraplegic since the age of 12, has never listened to people who told him his dreams were too big, his aspirations too grand. Unmarried and unable to have children because of his injuries, he took on a single mother with three small children desperately in need of a strong, committed, loving father. One of the three children having a fatal neurodegenerative condition did not deter him in the least, he instead said, “how fortunate that he’ll be used to seeing someone in a wheelchair by the time he needs one.” Indeed, he not only got used to it, but realized he could love someone who used a wheelchair, and so love himself when it was no longer possible for him to walk. That same, strong, loving man will be with me when we have to say goodbye to our son Daniel, many years from now I hope. My children are more his, ours, than they ever will be to their biological father. So, here’s to second chances! All brides ARE beautiful, and the grooms are pretty amazing as well.

  • I think that is wonderful idea Susan.. I love second chance couples.. And you are just the gal to put it on the pages…
    Good luck to your friends and I hope there second time around is a wonderful new life filled with happiness..

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