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October 17, 2009

Just another day in the life:

  • ___ wrote 1500 words on the book-in-progress
  • ___ interviewed a chef for my next book
  • ___ answered 40 e-mails, deleted around 100 unanswered
  • ___ made a fleece jacket for Barkis
  • ___ talked to Mom, daughter & sister on the phone
  • ___ unpacked from booksigning trip last weekend, repacked for booksigning and writers’ conference this weekend.
  • ___ got a royalty check for some backlist titles (thank you, Hachette)
  • ___ went to the bank, went shopping (see above)
  • ___ made a couple of bestseller lists with the new book
  • ___ Oh, and another thing, drove the boat up onto the trailer. Why yes, that is me at the helm. What else am I going to do in all my spare time?
Take my word for it...
Take my word for it...
...this is NOT as easy as Im making it look
...this is NOT as easy as I'm making it look

It is like threading a camel through the eye of a needle. Really. Except that making a mistake is a bit more expensive.

  • Wow, you are one busy lady, I feel decidedly lazy reading the list of your activities for one day! I think if I tried putting a boat in it’s trailer like that I’d be on “Funniest Home Videos” it would be quite hilarious – you’re a woman of many talents Susan!:)

  • Please tell me I didn’t write “one” for “won.” I’m getting soooooo old, and feeble-minded! Forgot to mention that it’s Eagle Harbor Book Company (I hope I’m allowed to say that here) – perhaps a book on keeping those gray cells from shrinking and dying……

  • Whew! Busy day, or maybe typical for you? Is it difficult to set-up interviews for research? That sounds stimulating, fun, and interesting. As one small part of my day I’ve been trying to figure out what to buy with the gift card I one during the Lakeshore Christmas trivia give away. I can’t tell you how much fun it is to be having a virtual stroll through the aisles of “your” bookstore. What to buy – that’s the hardest part, but what a delightful dilemma to be in. Thanks Susan!! Have a relaxing evening.

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