Angel Lane!

October 05, 2009

You’ll want to live on Angel Lane when you read this terrific new novel by Sheila Roberts. Here’s her guest post:


fabulous new book
fabulous new book

What’s more fun than having a new book out? Having a new book out at the same time as your good friend! I’m excited about my new release Angel Lane, but I’m doubly excited that it coincides with the release of Susan’s fab new Willow Lake chronicle, Lakeshore Christmas (my personal favorite!). This means we get to do some fun events together to celebrate the birth of our new brain babies. And our calendars are full! We’re doing everything from women’s show appearances to radio interviews. At one of our book signings (Eagle Harbor Books, Bainbridge Island, WA) we’re even having a Christmas cookie contest with a fabulous prize for some lucky winner. How fun is that? Several of our events will include our buddy Suzanne Selfors, popular YA author, who is enjoying the success of her latest book Coffeehouse Angel, so then it will be triple the fun.

and another!
and another!

Since we moved out to our little lake I haven’t seen as much of Susan as I used to, so I’m looking forward to some serious hang-out time and hoping lots of readers will come hang with us and find out what our new books have in common.

Speaking of things in common . . . at first glance Miz Wiggs and I might look like polar opposites. She’s totally fit and is a fearless skier. I’m an out of shape blob who dreams of someday conquering the bunny slope. I could happily spend hours playing all kinds of goofy parlor games. Susan plays with me just to be a sport. If locked in a room and left to solve the world’s problems we would . . . never reach an agreement on how to do it. So, you may be wondering, what the heck do we have in common? The same thing most girlfriends do: love of family, loyalty to friends, delight in finding a great new recipe, an addiction to chick flicks, What Not to Wear, and anything chocolate. We also share a love of reading and a sense of adventure. (No, I won’t climb Mt. Rainier with her, but I’ll cross the ocean in a rowboat (we’ve done something darned close to that!). And we both keep each other highly entertained. Now, here’s hoping we’ll keep you entertained this fall, too.

  • Thanks for your interest in my books, ladies. It’s sure fun getting to be out promoting them with Susan, who is a class act. For those of you wondering where to find them, well, the answer is practically anywhere. On line, in your local Barnes & Noble or independent bookstore, and at your local Target, too. (I love that last option because you can also pick up new jammies to wear while curling up with the book as well as junk food to munch on while reading!)

  • Lakeshore Chronicles was wonderful! Being a librarian helped with the appeal. A fantastic story and the pleasure of re-meeting favorites from earlier books. Daisy, Julian and Logan, a bit of a tease, reminded me of the last show of a TV season and they want a cliffhanger ending. It is definitely a keeper and will join the other Lakeshore books.

    Also bought Angel Lane before I saw your recommendation. It received great reviews. Looking forward to reading it soon. Thanks for the recommendation of good reading.

    When is the next Lakeshore book being released? I can hardly wait.


  • Angel Lane caught my eye the first time I saw cover and heard about it. It is on my Wish List. And Indie bound – can you order online? We dont have that store in our area?

  • I had so much fun at your signing on Saturday, and I look forward to reading my autographed copies of LAKESHORE CHRISTMAS and ANGEL LANE. I’ve been nibbling on the chocolates I won last weekend at your signing… Oh, yeah–it was a good time. 😉

    BTW, I already read COFFEEHOUSE ANGEL and loved it.

  • Sounds great ladies, I’ll have to grab a copy. I feel a little ashamed I haven’t read any of your books Sheila but there’s always a new day to start.:)

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