love your library

September 17, 2009 | 3 Comments

Lakeshore Christmas is all about loving the library. It’s even more important in real life than in fiction. This is serious, people. I am pasting this message from my friend and fellow author Vicki Hinze:



We have a library in Mary Esther, FL  in the panhandle near Hurlburt Field and not far from Eglin Air Force Base, that is doing its best to service all the people in the area who rely on it.  This library has a book buying budget this year that is beyond low.  They need books.  Desperately.

We’ve all worked so hard to promote literacy, to get people to read.  But to do that, they need books.

So today I’m asking for your help.  Will you send a book to this library?  If it’s one you’ve written, fine.  If it’s one you’ve bought and read, fine.  Just please send books.

Here’s the mailing information:

Sheila Ortyl

Mary Esther Public Library

100 W. Hollywood Blvd

Mary Esther, FL   32569

Keep This Library Open!
Keep This Library Open!

Thank you!



wedding video

September 14, 2009 | 1 Comment

Well, I don’t have to tell you what I think of this, especially the final image on the clip. See for yourself. Videographer Mitch Mattraw is Suuuuuper-8!


September 09, 2009 | 9 Comments

So the official wedding photos are done and they’re unbelievable. But I also love the snapshots from the wedding guests. This one is just so, so sweet.

father+brideI love the candid emotion. I love the clutching and the way my mother’s pearls look. I love the music (“Morning has Broken” was playing).

If you look closely you can see a bandaged cut on Jay’s hand. He is good at improvising. Here is his redneck bandaid:

Is there anything duct tape can't do?
Is there anything duct tape can't do?

It’s a good thing Jay only has to do this once because it was rough on him.

Word schmerd

September 04, 2009 | 13 Comments

My name is Susan and I’m a WordPerfect addict. It’s every bit as essential as my Clairefontaine notebooks and Shaefer Javelin fountain pen (peacock blue ink, please). WordPerfect is not perfect, but for writing a novel, it’s close.

And then there’s Word. The industry standard. Do not ask me why. The first time I saw “Clippie,” I thought I was hallucinating. C’mon, Clippie? Am I not enraged enough by the program itself?

But let’s be fair. Word has one huge virtue. I love the way it prints out a draft. A draft, I am forced to tell you, I created in WordPerfect. Word is too stupid to open it, so while In WordPerfect, I click “Save As” and select some version of MS Word.

(Side note–My nomination for dumbest upgrade ever? When New Word refused to recognize Old Word, thus creating the doc to docx confusion.)

But back to the draft. My early drafts are riddled with side notes or comments, the little hidden things that say “this is dreck–revise later” or “sheer genius,” (rare) or “then, a miracle occurred…” They also contain research material, continuity notes, deleted sentences I’m not ready to let go of, questions to ponder, you name it.

When you print out the draft in Word, it automatically prints those side notes oin a nice little column on the side. If a note is long, it continues it at the end of the document.


I love this feature! But I hate everything else about Word.

Are there Word-defenders out there? What do your drafts look like?

The ONLY thing I love about Word: is the way it prints out a draft.
It puts my side notes or comments in a nice little column on the
side. If a note is long, it continues it at the end of the document.
I love this feature! I hate everything else about word.