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September 28, 2009

Of all the upcoming reviews for Lakeshore Christmas, I was probably sweating this one out the most–Library Journal. Because the plot involves saving the library, I reeeealllly wanted them to like it.

Starred review! Sha-Zam!

thanks, Library Journal!
thanks, Library Journal!

As she’s both thrilled and terrified to be leading the annual town Christmas pageant, the last thing proper, by-the-book librarian Maureen Davenport needs is former child star/recovering alcoholic Eddie Haven appointed by the court as her codirector. But as the pageant comes together (with a little angelic help), so do other, more difficult aspects of their lives—in a most romantic way. The threat to close the library adds purpose to the plot, but it’s the characters and their interactions that make this story sing. VERDICT Wiggs hits all the right notes in this delightful, sometimes funny, sometimes poignant Christmas treat, which will please “Lakeshore Chronicles” fans as well as garner new ones. Wiggs (Just Breathe) lives in the Seattle area.

Wiggs, Susan. Lakeshore Christmas. Mira: Harlequin. Oct. 2009. c.384p. ISBN 978-0-7783-2689-2. $21.95. Contemporary

  • I have read all the other Lakeshore books, (as well as all of Susan’s contempories) and loved each and every one. Normally I would buy this one, and I will but I have it on hold at the library, which is so appropriate. I can’t wait till it comes in.

  • Congratulations, Susan, and thanks for supporting libraries. They are a treasure in each community they reside in, and are at huge risk all over the nation right now. I’m sure you’ve had your share of rejections and reviews of all types, so bask in the well-deserved praise!!

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