…because you’re an a–hole, that’s why.

August 29, 2009

So I get this letter, hand written in “rage” mode: “I have just finished reading your book…terrible book…this one was awful…At least you didn’t use the F-word every other page…can’t believe I wasted my money…” A whole page of this, and then on the back, she writes:


  • OMG, what a tormented soul! She sounds like she needs a bit of softening & romance in her life!!!!
    You deserve so much better than that Susan. I adore your books and I love cuddling up to one of your creations!

  • Pity the note writer…she must live in such a black, LONELY world.

    Aren’t wastebaskets a GREAT invention?? Two points if you dunk it on the first shot, Lady!

    special huggers :o)

    BTW, how is Jay’s boo-boo? Hope there was antiseptic under that duct tape.

  • I was just checking out your blog and saw this post. No. Way. You are so sweet and talented. I’m sorry you had to get a letter like that.

    I love your blog, and I’m so impressed with the fancy-shmanciness of it all. And I’m not just talking about your Pyrex Museum visit and the Squirrelizer, something I may have to steal for my blog to class it up. You just seem so technologically advanced with all these pop-up photo gizmos and things. Go Susan!

    I’m glad you posted your letter so we can weed out any negativity it may have inflicted. Onward and upward. 🙂

  • Oh, wow, what a nut. Working at the library, I’ve heard it all over the years. Here’s a true story that will make you laugh and dismiss any complaint you’ve ever heard before….a woman comes into the library holding our claymation video about Adam and Eve called “The Creation” and she actually complains that THEY AREN’T WEARING ANY CLOTHES! I was speechless. I wanted to yell across the desk…IT’S THE GARDEN OF EDEN you dingaling…and the little people in the film are made of CLAY!!!! Some people are just, well, nuts….driving the bus in crazytown, not firing on all four burners, one can shy of a six pack….just plain nuts. All you can do is laugh.

  • I can’t believe someone that was so hung up on spending the money on the book, spent the money on a postage stamp…aaaaand to make that comment about getting an email? She obviously didn’t do her homework.

    I’m just a humble reader and to get that emotional just blows my mind.

    We had discussed this sort of thing last weekend…..I met up with 2 gals from Robyn Carr’s Jack’s Bar here in WI. Turns out they are both in the midst of writing novels. I believe one day I can say, Hey! I know that person!

    The only thing I can say, is write faster 🙂 But the wait has been worth it.

  • OMG…I cannot believe some people. If you dislike a book so very much, why would you waste further time writing the author?? You have to believe that it wasn’t your book that made this person so very unhappy, but her life.

    BTW, love your books, love your blogs.

  • Oh Susan,

    That’s hysterical. Wow.

    I just finished Book Two in my series and I’m sending it to my editor tomorrow and I have plenty of F-words in it. I was wondering first, if my editor would let them through the ms, and then, if she did, if I’d get any mail like this someday. Wow! If this is what I have to look forward to, I can’t wait!

    (Still over the moon you liked my first book, by the way. Will always treasure my quote.)

    All the best to you.

  • Aw, thank you girls. I knew I would get tea and sympathy on my blog. 🙂

    This came via my “quote of the day” e-mail, and I think it definitely applies:

    “Every action of our lives touches on some chord that will vibrate in eternity.”
    – Sean O’Casey

  • That is crazy! I mean who has such little time on their hands that they actually sit down pen in hand to write you a letter…post and mail it just basically to say you suck? weirdos
    seriously though what book is she writing to you about? I mean I’ve read all of your books and have never disliked them or had one little negative thing to say…. opinions are like a**holes I guess…
    You are an awesome writer…no you are an artist! to be able to put words on a page and bring it to life for readers like me…well that just makes you Awesome 🙂
    I ♥ your books!

  • That’s priceless. If it were me, I would have it framed and matted. From what I can tell she finished the story and if it was so terrible, how did she make it that far?

    Obviously something w/in the book struck a cord with her and made her lash it. I’d take that as good writing, great writing that caused an emotional tirade.

    So, keep up the good work!
    That’s my 2 cents.


  • Let it go. . .shake it off. . .Snap out of it!

    Some people you can never please. They always have a negative out
    look on things and are never satisfied. These people never see all the
    positive and lovely things in life that are all around them.

    I mean, who knows what negative things are going on and happening
    in this person’s life. That is still no excuse for her ranting, raving and
    rude behavior.

    Besides if your books were as terrible and as bad as she seems to
    claim they are. . .(which we all know isn’t true). . . than why did this
    person continue to “waste their money” on your books?

    I mean if something is bad or you don’t like it. . .than you stop buying it!
    Sheesh! It’s common sense.

    What I find interesting is that this Dumb-Bunny (and I’m being very kind
    when I say that and my sincere apologies to all the bunnies) that this
    person must feel empowered by writing to you.

    It’s obvious that her ranting and raving, must make her feel very
    important (in her own mind) and, to the “WE” that she keeps
    referring to in her comments on the back side of her letter.
    When in actuality, all she really succeeded in doing is making
    herself look very childish, petty and extremley foolish.

    Readers love, enjoy and adore your books!

    You’ve given us all many happy, postive moments of sheer
    reading pleasure and enjoyment. We know what qualities
    we like in our books and we also know quaility work when
    we read it. Your books are both.

    Your books are PAWS UP! And, The Cat’s MEOW!

    In other words, keep up the good work!

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