circumnavigating the island

August 14, 2009

The water’s only 56 degrees F and the current is swift…so what are these people doing?

gorgeous photo by the incomparable Pete Saloutos:

It’s a fundraiser to help a friend in need. 🙂

  • I admire folks who will make these physical sacrifices. My daughter fund-raises for Team in Training, which benefits the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society — by doing triathlons! I can’t fathom the dedication she has to her training, and that she does these things more than once.

  • Lovely ! Thank you for sharing 🙂

    Thank you also for the link to the “things to do on BI” via Twitter.

    Frog Rock ! Four Swallows !!!! Contrary to the fellow speaking, I only think of birds……and now excellent food. The salmon looks fabulous. Gorgeous gardens, walks…….sigh.

    Since we have a week up there, I need to see BI again. It has been 23 years since I visited last. I know that the antique store, the Sow’s Ear is gone, ….. it will be culture shock of sorts, seeing how BI has grown. I hear that there is a wonderful coffee place there, with even better baked goods :)…………….yum, gotta do it !


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