August 2009

Beat It!

Here you go, a Seattle flash mob performance in three locations. Fun! [youtube=]

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two great reads

One of the perks of being a writer is that people send you advance reading copies (ARCS) of upcoming books. How much do we love that, people? I’m going to

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okay, we can die happy now

Although I’m sure my editor was charmed by the scenic flight over Puget Sound, the swimming, hiking, biking, boating and eating…I’m pretty sure this was the highlight of her trip to

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G'day mate!

Sorry, couldn’t resist. I love saying g’day. And I just love the look of the Australia/New Zealand/Malaysian edition of Just Breathe. I like it so much, I think I’ll give

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Please note: Any photo can be improved by the addition of a ground squirrel. Here’s how to squirrelize your pics.

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circumnavigating the island

The water’s only 56 degrees F and the current is swift…so what are these people doing? gorgeous photo by the incomparable Pete Saloutos: It’s a fundraiser to help a friend

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when business is a pleasure

Picture the most elegant waterfront restaurant on Puget Sound, with an adorable waitress serving you a brunch of sourdough macadamia nut pancakes and Dungeness crab hash. As you watch the

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writing is murder

It’s such fun having a story in a collection about mayhem! Thanks to the Bellingham Herald for the good ink. 🙂 Murder and mayhem star in fiction from Northwest mystery

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things i wish i'd known

So over on Red Room, they’re discussing mistakes writers made early in their careers. Here’s a copy of my post (below). Lots of others make for interesting reading. There are

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