greed and lust

July 21, 2009

Here’s something fun–an anthology edited by the peerless Elizabeth George. These are tales of intrigue and mayhem from some of the top women of mystery:

My story is called "Other People's Clothing"
My story is called "Other People's Clothing"

A collection of twenty-three indelible stories—all never before published—from today’s top female crime writers and some talented newcomers, selected by the New York Times bestselling author

Anger . . . Jealousy . . . Gluttony . . . Sloth . . . Lust . . . Greed . . . Pride.

The seven deadly sins have been the roots of crime throughout human history. InTwo of the Deadliest, Elizabeth George has gathered nearly two dozen tales that probe the dark heart of crime in the name of a pair of particularly wicked transgressions: lust and greed.

A young woman mistaken for someone else falls neatly into what appears to be the perfect business opportunity, only to learn that such luxury comes with a price. A mother is driven to depths she never imagined by her less-than-grateful son. And two lovers intent on profiting from an unexpected inheritance discover that the most valuable item is not at all what they thought it was.

In addition to stars including Laura Lippman, Susan Wiggs, Marcia Muller, Carolyn Hart, Nancy Pickard, Patricia Smiley, Elizabeth Engstrom and Elizabeth George herself, the collection also features new writers from a broad range of backgrounds—journalists, educators, and criminal experts. Together they explore the dark depths women and men will sink to for passion, wealth, and power.

Thrilling and unpredictable, these stories of murder and mayhem are guaranteed to shock and entertain.

the British edition
the British edition

It’s available in hardcover, audio and large print. Speaking of intrigue, check this out. One of the most mysterious places on the Web.

  • Susan,

    This comment has nothing to do with Elizabeth George’s book, although I’m sure it’s wonderful.

    I know from your blog that your daughter is getting married very soon, and thought you might enjoy a youtube video I ran across today. Search: J K Wedding Entrance Dance. It is priceless.


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